Sunday, November 23, 2014

What Caliber... it, do you think? I figure at least a 38D but I digress. 


As China Prepares For WWIII... actually dredging up and building an island that is believed will be able to support an airfield and a harbor capable of accommodating warships - what is it that we are doing. We are twiddling our thumbs telling them that we wish they would not do it or at least that is what the commander in chief is doing. Reportedly our government opposes China doing so and we have urged other countries not to do likewise (source). So, as we allow China to prepare to wage war (and there is no other logical reason for them to be island building) we tell our allies in the region not to prepare to defend themselves by doing likewise. I seem to remember that something like this (this being the wearing of blinders by world leaders especially the president of the United States of America) happened, oh say about 75 years ago give or take a couple of years, and look at what came of it back then. Yep, back then they all wanted to believe that all was well in the world, that all the drum beating in Europe by the Germans and all the same in Asia by the Japanese were regional problems and had little to nothing to do with us. How wrong they were then, let's hope they are not wrong now.

All the best,
Glenn B