Saturday, October 10, 2009

Barack Obama Closing Down Comedy

I could not say it better than did whoever wrote this article: Prize fools that appeared online in TimesOnLine.

The committee has put hope above results, promise above achievement. The prize undermines the selfless triumphs of earlier winners. Indeed, the award’s obvious political intent looks partisan, a signal of European relief at the end of the Bush presidency.

I never gave much credence to the awarding of the Nobel peace Prize, not with terrorists like Yasser Arafat having won it, so I can readily agree with the author of the article that this is little more than politics at work. It is a well known fact that the Norwegian government selects the Nobel committee and that both the Norwegian government and the committee are leaning far to the left.

Whether or not it will put comedians out of business is another point. I think this is going to give them lots of ammo to shoot toward the White House. Of course there are 'so called' comedians out there like the jerk on HBO whose name I will not even mention because just hearing it makes me want to vomit. He claims to be a comedian, but truth be told he is not funny at all as I see him. Of course he will only praise the Obama as wonderful in his false accomplishment with regard to the Nobel Peace Prize instead of doing what he would have done had it been GWB about whom he was talking.

In all this it once again truly amazes me at how childish are those who lean far to the left.This kind of thing really floats their boat so to speak, they take absolute glee in pumping up their own who do not deserve it while at the same time finding joy in stomping upon they who have actually done something to truly make the world a better place.

All the best,
Glenn B