Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's The Weekend

Well here we are at the start of another glorious weekend. Why glorious, if for no other reason than I don't have to work and hopefully neither do you. Sometime around 10, I am hoping to get away to Tombstone and Douglas, AZ for some area familiarization. Yesterday at work we visited the ports at Nogales. I hope I do not offend anyone when I say my personal opinion of Nogales, AZ is less than stellar. What a mess and a fairly smelly one too and the temps were only in the low 80s. With luck I won't have to head down that way all to much during the rest of my stay in Tucson.

Today the weather is cloudy and cool. Not bad but it does look like rain. I am none to sure my coworker who is to make the trip with me will still be all that hot on going to Tombstone but if not I suppose we can find another attraction to visit. There sure are a lot of things to do around here. Some I was already familiar with from previous visits here, others I have discovered for myself, and yet others I was made aware of by folks at the forums at The Gun Counter. Some spots I definitely will try to visit during my stay here are: more hiking trails (already did the Pima Canyon trail twice, and Madera Canyon once), Old Tucson, The Titan Missile Museum (off of Interstate 19 on the way to Nogales), The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, Mt. Lemon, the Kitt's Peak Observatory, a couple of casinos (can you say mama needs a new pair of shoes, come on snake eyes) and on and on.

I have more pics to post from a trip to Pima Canyon, but need to wait till I get to a decent computer outside of the hotel to edit them before posting.

All the best,