Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Amira Again

I watched the video, embedded in my post immediately prior to this one, several times tonight. I just could not get over that voice because as I said, to me, it was angelic. It, of course, being the voice of Amira Willighagen, the winner of the 2013 Holland's Got Talent television show.

I also did a bit more searching and wound up listening to a couple of other songs she sang in her run on Holland's Got Talent. Among those songs were the ones she sang for the semi-final and the one with which she won first place. As I said, I am no fan of opera and as I have said many times before, I am not religious (at least any more) and thus I can tell you I am not a big fan of religious music either. Yet, I used to be a practicing catholic and can say without doubt that there remains within me an ember that is rekindled to a spiritual blaze when I hear certain pieces that I used to hear in church, especially those heard during the Christmas season. One of those songs was Ave Maria. Listen to it here, it may be the most impressive version I have ever heard, and somehow it comes from the mouth of a 9 year old child. Maybe I was right in my prior post about her in as much as me saying she has an angelic voice but if I was right it is only because maybe she is indeed an angel among us.

Here is Amira Willighagen, singing the song that got her through the semi-final of Holland's Got Talent on December 21, 2013.

I have to tell you, I am absolutely floored. If her voice is not divinely inspired, heavenly and angelic then I do not what ever has been so. It is strange for me that I find myself saying that but she does seem to be heaven sent. Maybe the word that best describes her voice, and her singing ability, is miraculous!

All the best,
Glenn B

I Am Not A Big Fan Of Opera But This Is Amazing...

The performer is singing Puccini's operatic piece: 'O mio babbino caro' (Oh My Beloved Father). I must say that a more stunningly angelic voice I quite possibly never before have heard and may never hear again in another person. The fact that it is a nine year old girl, who apparently was self taught and never even had a single singing lesson, makes this performance all the more awe inspiring.

Listen to it here, which is the long version of the video, and well worth the listen (and the read of the translation even if a poor one). If you want to skip to the singing, go to 2 minutes and 39 seconds of the video. but as I said, I highly recommend watching and listening to the whole thing as it puts it all in context. When she starts singing, right at the very beginning, ask yourself: "Did I expect that???"; I surely did not and neither did the judges who obviously had never heard anything like it before (at least not from one of their contestants and a 9 year old child at that). Pay attention to what both she and the judges say throughout, both before and after her performance, it will give you a picture of a girl who will become a woman who goes far in life. What a gift her talent will be to they who take the time to listen to her sing and maybe later who watch her run in the Olympics. (If you want to know what that last references, then read the script that appears in the video after her singing is done.)

Without further ado, I give you the simply fantastic, marvelous and without compare stunningly beautiful voice of Amira Willighagen, an angel among us:

A hat tip to Herr Richie M for this one.

All the best,
Glenn B