Saturday, January 19, 2019

Some Fine Shooting Down Houston Way

Whatever firearm it was that a Houston homeowner was using to defend himself from 4 thugs, who apparently were invading his home, he did some mighty fine shooting with it (of course the homeowner could have been a she). One of the alleged home invaders was shot and wounded and the other three were shot and died. More at the source.

Me thinks if there was more instant karma type justice of this sort, home invasions and many other violent crimes would be reduced markedly. Enough of it and some criminals might decide to get a real job to make an honest living.

All the best,
Glenn B

More NY State Gun Control Insanity

NY State must be vying with CA to see which state can come up with the most tyrannically preposterous violations of the RKBA as each state keeps pumping out one oppressive law after the other relative to the RKBA. Take for example this newly proposed law in NY which could be interpreted to mean (and probably was meant to mean) that no one who owns a registered assault weapon in NY can buy more than 20 rounds of ammo for it in a 120 day period. Of course, the way it was written, one easily might interpret that to also mean you could buy 20 rounds per day for it for each of 120 days. Why 20 rounds, well, assault weapons in NY are limited to use only 10 round mags since higher capacity mags are banned. Read the proposed law, you will understand what I mean:

A01724 Text:

                STATE OF NEW YORK


                               2019-2020 Regular Sessions

                   IN ASSEMBLY

                                    January 16, 2019

        Introduced  by  M. of A. SIMON, JAFFEE, MOSLEY, HYNDMAN, WILLIAMS, GOTT-
          Multi-Sponsored  by -- M. of A. CARROLL, COOK, DINOWITZ, GLICK -- read
          once and referred to the Committee on Codes

        AN ACT to amend the penal law, in relation to the sale of ammunition for
          assault weapons

          The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and  Assem-
        bly, do enact as follows:

     1    Section  1.  Subdivision  4  of  section  270.00  of the penal law, as
     2  amended by chapter 180 of the laws  of  1997,  is  amended  to  read  as
     3  follows:
     4    4.  Sales  of  ammunition  not  prohibited.  Nothing contained in this
     5  section shall be construed to prevent, or interfere in any way with, the
     6  sale of ammunition for revolvers or pistols of any kind, or for  rifles,
     7  shot  guns,  or other arms, belonging or which may belong to any persons
     8  whether as sporting or hunting weapons or for the purpose of  protection
     9  to them in their homes, or, as they may go abroad; and manufacturers are
    10  authorized  to  continue  to manufacture, and wholesalers and dealers to
    11  continue to deal in and freely to sell ammunition to  all  such  persons
    12  for such purposes. Provided, however, the sale of ammunition for assault
    13  weapons,  as defined by subdivision twenty-two of section 265.00 of this
    14  title, shall be limited to two times the capacity of an authorized weap-
    15  on over a one hundred twenty day period. For purposes of  this  subdivi-
    16  sion,  "authorized  weapon" shall mean a weapon registered in accordance
    17  with subdivision sixteen-a of section 400.00 of this chapter.   Notwith-
    18  standing  any  law, rule or regulation to the contrary, the violation of
    19  this subdivision shall constitute a class E felony.
    20    § 2. This act shall take effect immediately.

         EXPLANATION--Matter in italics (underscored) is new; matter in brackets
                              [ ] is old law to be omitted.

Source of that balderdash.
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Glenn B

Saturday, January 12, 2019

So True It Hurts

Build the wall!,
Glenn B

Oh Yeah - At My Age This Really Makes Me Cheery

All the best,

Friendly Rice?

China accepting imports of rice from the US of A for the first time in history? They are sneaky bastards, President Trump had best be on guard. Then again, our president is one heck of a persuasive businessman! More at the source.

All the best,
Glenn B

I Cannot Figure It - Maybe Obummer Can Explain it

All the best,

Exactly! (Did you see this D?)

One of the few times this bitch does not have her idiotic smiley face on; although, it starts to come out just a bit. As for Scummer Schumer - who in hell does he think he is kidding!

All the best, 

Shedding More Tears Over Another One Gone

Sometimes, you pretty much just have to sell some things you would rather not sell, at least I have had to do that. I sold another gun today and man oh man if this is not one to shed some tears over selling then none are worth the remorse.

It was a CZ527 Thumbhole Varmint in 223. I got it as unfired in the box in pristine condition (read that as meaning new) and I sold it in virtually the same condition except for some very small and fine scratches on the scope rail from me trying to mount rings that did not fit. After that, I put it away, bought the rings and an extra mag for it, and never took it out to shoot it. Probably the gun have had for the longest without firing it. I was going to give it to Brendan but he wanted a Savage in 22 WMR that I had so I gave him that one and he loves it.

As for that CZ, it has one heck of a smooth and light trigger. I dried fired it this morning and was amazed at how nice it was for a stock gun. The buyer liked it too. Brought me in some much needed cash that I need for personal reasons but I miss it already anyway. Damn, imagine that, missing a gun I never even fired!

All the best,
Glenn B


Worked half of the week before this one and all of this week and scheduled to work all of next week so blogging has been very light and will continue to be so for awhile except maybe for later today and tomorrow).

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Damn - Dinner Was Good - I Am Ready Now... do whatever it takes to blast off into happiness and history. Note, I did not say to blast anyone else; I merely said I'm ready for me to blast off into happiness and history and family history is more than good enough for me what with the meal I just cooked. It was that good of a meal I cooked this evening if I must say so myself but then again even my mother-in-law commented that she liked it (rather unusual for anything I cook).

That dinner of roasted leg of lamb, oven roasted taters, corn, rote kraut (red cabbage), fresh peas and fresh biscuits with butter melted all over them (or at least seeping deeply into mine) was delicious. Add to that an excellent frothy headed Belgian abbey ale - Chimay Grande Reserve - and a bit of a dram larger than a wee one of Kirschwasser and - all I can say is - right now I am a happy, well fed, slightly inebriated fun loving camper.

I just wish I did not have to ruin it all by going to work tomorrow. But such is life - want the good stuff then you need to work to pay for it - at least for we who are not rich and who have a work ethic (then again, I paid for this meal by selling an SKS but I had to work to earn enough to buy the gun in the first place).

That's a nice pic of me up above to convey that mood - don't you think! To say the least - right now I am feeling almost as silly as I look in it but maybe that is the Kirschwasser and ale talking.

All the best,
Glenn B

Not Feeling Too Bad Now...

...about having bought a 6+ pound boned leg of lamb a couple of days ago nor about selling my Norinco Type 56 SKS today. I just threw the lamb in in the oven about 35 minutes or so ago and expect it to be done rare to medium rare in another 70 minutes or so. Not only does it already look scrumptious all browned and sizzling - since I seared it first - but it smells damned delicious already. I cannot wait to quench my anticipation by sinking my teeth in to it. 

If that is not enough reason not to feel guilty about buying such a nice piece of meat then let me just say that I paid for it and way more by selling the SKS. That makes me feel not so guilty about selling the SKS! As a matter of fact, the aroma of the roasting lamb has gotten me in such a good mood as to say I am almost (mind you I said almost) remorseless about having sold that SKS. I am afraid though, once the effects of the lamb and the Kirschwasser I am drinking - neat on ice - wear off, my sellers remorse may go up a few notches. Somehow though, I am sure I will never regret splurging for the lamb.

All the best,
Glenn B

Feeling Guilty Before The Deed Is Done

I am going out soon to sell a Norinco Type 56 SKS. 

All I can say about it now is damn - I am already suffering from seller's remorse. Yet, a deal is a deal and I am not about to call it off because I am now thinking I should have kept this one. Oh well, I can use the cash.

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, January 3, 2019

The Guns of 2018

I added some guns to my collection in 2018. I still have most of them but already sold a few of the others. Sold them either because I wound up not liking them as much as I thought I would or because I needed cash - usually to buy another gun.

I've listed all (I think) of the ones I got in 2018 by the month they were acquired. Those that I already got rid of are annotated to note such:


French pinfire revolver 7.65mm, 3.25" octagon barrel with folding trigger, S/N 12. You know, someday I'll have to check to see if the serial number really is 12! It's a nonfunctioning wall-hanger.

Enfield Pattern 1858 percussion pistol .63 Gal., 8" barrel, lock marked "Crown VR" and 1863 over Enfield.

Mauser Chileno Model 1895 7mm, 29" barrel with full stock, sling and M1891 bayonet. This is a nice shooter.

CVA Philadelphia derringer kit .45 Cal. Percussion. Gifted to my son who is in the process of putting it together but who is stuck at the point requiring a drill press or a very steady hand on a hand drill.


Colt Detective Special .38 SPL double action; 1st version.

Glock Model 30.45 Auto, 3.7" barrel with two 10-round magazines, unfired in hard case. Nice shooter, may have to make this an EDC gun if I can find what I think is a suitable holster for it but that holster seems to be a rare beast indeed!

Beretta Model 92FS 9mm semi-auto, 4.9" barrel with 2-10 round magazines, as new in hard case. Sold it, I guess the three 92 series pistols I already had seemed enough - anyway I was in dire need of cash.


High Standard Model DM-101 Derringer .22 Mag O/U, 3 1/2" barrels, as new in case. What a find in absolutely like new condition; well, at least until I fired it. I bid on this online which is pretty uncommon a thing for me to do relative to a firearm.


CZ Durango 12 Ga. hammerless SxS, 20" barrels with set of choke tubes, case color receiver, unfired in box. Nice shotgun indeed but sold it because I really had no need for it and it brought in some needed cash at the time.

Winchester Model 37 12 Ga. single, 30" barrel, N/S/N. Was an okay gun but I am not a big Winchester fan. Could not resist buying it at the price for which I got it though.


Glock 21, Gen4 pistol, 45ACP, with box, 2 mags, all accessories. Another nice shooter; although, it is a pretty big pistol. More suitable for open carry, carry for a uniformed LEO or military type and not so much for concealed EDC. May keep it or may sell it - it is a toss up. of course, I may ship it to my son in AR.


Browning BLR Lightweight '81 (Long Action) .30-06 SPRG lever action rifle, 22" barrel, unfired in box. This is a beautiful gun and nice shooter. My first 30-06, probably a keeper unless I sell or trade it to get another BLR with a pistol grip.

Mossberg Model 395SA 'Slugster' 12 Ga. 3" bolt action, 24" slug barrel with magazine. I refinished the stock on this one, it came out looking truly beautiful for a gun. They do not put nice wood like that on most guns today.


Savage Model 111 Long Range Hunter .300 WIN Mag bolt action rifle, 24" barrel with muzzle brake, detachable and adjustable cheek piece, unfired in box. It remains unfired and in the box. This one is probably a keeper for future use once I can afford a nice enough piece of glass and good rings for it.

Winchester Model 290 .22 S,L,LR semi-auto, 20.5" barrel. This was okay but had a truly terrible trigger pull as far as I was concerned. From what I have read on them, the trigger pull is a common bitching point about these rifles. Again, a Winchester and I am not much of a fanboy for them but I did wat at least one though; it just wound up this was not the one.

Mossberg Model 395T 12 Ga. 3" bolt action, 28" barrel with magazine and sling. This was similar to the Mossberg 395SA Slugster I mentioned above except it was not designed as a slug gun. An okay gun but really did not strike me to be anywhere nearly as useful as the Slugster so up for sale it went.

Glock Model 30 Gen 4, .45 auto, 3.77" barrel with 2-10 round magazines, unfired in hard case. Ah, a second Glock 30 joined the ranks of my collection. Now I have a brace of them. I really need to get a holster for each of them.


Norinco Type 56 S K S 7.62x39mm semi-auto, 20.5" barrel with folding bayonet and sling. I don't know how I missed it, the serial number on the receiver does not match the serial number on all the other parts; yet the number on all the other parts match one another. In other words the receiver was from one gun and all the other parts from one other gun. Oh well, it is a nice shooter in pretty good shape. probably a keeper although I may ell it at some time in the future. More likely though is that I'd gift it to Brendan.

Remington Model 29 12 Ga. takedown pump, 30" full barrel. Unfired by me as of yet. I had meant to take it down to AR over the Christmas holidays but grabbed the Remington model 31 by mistake and took that one along. That one is a nice shooter as I imagine so too will be this one.

Schmidt-Rubin Model 1911, 7.5mm, straight pull bolt action, 30.75" barrel. Unfired by me as of yet. Would like to get a field headspace gauge for it before shooting it - time will tell what I do with it.

Hopkins & Allen 12 Ga. single, 30" full barrel. Okay gun but will be selling it.


Ruger New Model Single-Six Convertible .22 LR, single action revolver with .22 Mag cylinder, 6.5" barrel, as new inbox. A truly nice find although I paid close to top dollar of its worth for it. Had some fun shooting it down in AR with the 22 WMR cylinder on it. Had already shot it at a local range near me with the 22 LR cylinder on it. Nice shooter.

Marlin Model 15YN Youth Gun .22 S,L,LR bolt action, 16" barrel, with magazine, as new. Unfired by me an likely to stay that way. Will probably be a gift for my grandson someday - if I m around long enough for his parents to let me give it to him when he is a bit older than is current ae of 2.

Henry .22 Magnum Lever - a lever action carbine, 19" round barrel, unfired in box. Well, it was unfired until I got it down to AR. Both Brendan and I loved it. No, I did not give I to him even though he said it is now number one on his wish list.

Browning BL-22 (Classic) .22 S,L,LR lever action, 20" barrel, with 4x scope. A somewhat problematic gun, light hits sometimes. Have to get back in touch with browning on this.

R.G. Model RG26 .25 ACP, 2.5" barrel with one magazine. Yes, yes, yes - I know that RG stands for rotten gun. An RG, probably the same model, was my first handgun back in about 1977 or so - same year I got my first car. I bought both in las Vegs and got rid of both somewhere back east, the same somewhere for each but somewhere will remain unnamed. I paid more than I had planned on by about double the price I had in mind but nostalgia had me go for it. It lives up to its name and is a piece of crap but I love it or a least love having it.

Most of the ones I still have will wind up being keepers; although, I am pretty sure a few of the remaining ones will be sold off as needed - likely to buy other guns.

All the best,
Glenn B

I Prefer The Thigh

All the best,
Glenn B

The Great Outdoors

Yes I do!

All the best,

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all (except terrorists; other violent evildoers; psychopaths; sociopaths; PETA types; ANTIFA types; those who believe there are more than male, female & hermaphrodite sexes;  extreme rightist and leftist turds, commies & socialists; and members of Local 12 - the Villains, Thieves & Scoundrels Union - excepting Boris & Natasha). 

May we all have a prosperous, healthy and happy new year and may our troops return home from harm's way sooner rather than later and be healthy and whole when they get back.

All the best,
Glenn B

PS: My apologies for the lack of blogging over the past several days - it was a travel & holiday bit of an interruption. A hat  tip & my thanks to MG for reminding me I had not blogged in awhile.