Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Brutal Home Invasion and Then They Put In A Home Security System - To What End?

A Milburn, NJ woman is brutally beaten, in front of her young daughter, by a home invader, and then thrown down her cellar stairs by the thug. Then almost all the reporter, in the embedded video, can say is that it was completely understandable that the family then had a home security system installed after the fact. What will that do if this happens again? How will hitting a panic button on the alarm protect her and her daughter? It's not like the police suddenly appear like a genie from a magic lamp. How long will it take police to arrive because it sure did not take this guy long to beat the woman to a bloody pulp! Then again, maybe the reporter was right to say it was understandable. After all, it happened in the Republik of New Jersistan where commonly used defensive firearms, although not outright banned, are difficult to own legally and such ownership is discouraged by NJ Law Enforcement and NJ politicians.

I have to ponder though, had she been armed with a gun and shot the dirtbag dead, would Bloomberg of NY have listed the perpetrator as a "victim of gun violence"? It also makes me wonder if this is the kind of situation that Joe Biden meant when he said a woman should grab a shotgun and fire two rounds in the air to scare away the bad guy.

Watch this video and be afraid, very afraid. It could happen to anyone of us. Then think about how it could have been prevented and how he could have been stopped dead in his tracks and I mean that literally.

Had this woman been armed or had a firearm or three in the house in strategic locations (like one upstairs, one on the main floor and one in the basement), maybe she could have gabbed a gun and carried out justice right then and there by blowing away that piece of trash. But she did not do that, she did not defend herself and she did not defend her daughter but she thinks she did just that.

Somehow, and sadly so, she has some sort of convoluted liberal minded sense that she did defend her daughter by not crying because she figured it would have made the girl cry and then cause the bad guy to go after the girl. (Edited to add: While it was a noble effort it likely was an ineffective one). The truth is she was at first crying out in pain and in fear - screaming in fact. She was at the mercy of a madman who was showing no mercy; so was her daughter, all because mom had no way to effectively defend herself or her little girl. Imagine her thinking that not crying was some sort of defense. Where did she hear that - on The View or on Oprah or from Mayors Against Guns or was it from the Brady Campaign or was it all she could come up with in desperation because she was unarmed and defenseless?

Just think of what that animal could have done to that little girl, after he had thrown mom down the cellar stairs, if he had wanted to do something unmentionable. Had mom had a gun available, and had she been trained in how to use it for home defense, maybe she could have made a real attempt to assure that he would not have even had a chance to do any such thing to the girl and she also likely could have defended not only her daughter but herself. Instead, she got a brutal beating because she was defenseless. It was very lucky for them that the raging thug did not think of doing something unthinkable to the little girl. It was also lucky for both that he did not decide to kill them before leaving because both would be able to identify him. I would rather not depend on the mercy of an animal like him, who obviously was not being merciful at all nor on luck, in such a situation, and it seems that luck is all that kept them from being killed.

I am going to show this video to my family and stress that my wife watch it multiple times. Then take her to the range if she will come; she does not like guns but this may sway her to see why they are necessary. I think that a home defense weapon is also in order for my daughter (she knows how to shoot) and new son-in-law. I'll be giving them a gift of one if they will accept it. After watching this, I don't see how they could refuse.

As for the bad guy: Big man isn't he. He is probably bragging to his lowlife friends about how he beat down a defenseless woman to show he is a real bad assed tough guy. What a piece of shit. I would hope the police find him quickly, that he violently resists without harming any of the officers, and that the police respond with justified lethal force to center of mass. In reality though, at least by what I see as likely, he will probably give up without a fight, go to jail awaiting a trial, go to court and cop a plea deal, be found guilty of less than the brutal crime he actually committed and then be sentenced to a minimal prison term, then will be coddled in prison by state employed medical doctors, social workers, and psychiatrists (all the time at the expense of the tax payer), will get out early for good behavior or because of some technicality, and when he gets out will probably commit a similar crime again in which he brutalizes another defenseless victim. One can hope though that he goes out in a blaze of glory - the blaze and the glory coming in the form of justified and well aimed law enforcement gunfire.

All the best,
Glenn B

Expect The Price of Bacon To Skyrocket

It is being reported (source) that a virus, which is deadly to piglets, is spreading like wildfire across the United States. Right now it has only been identified in about 199 sites in 13 states but the number was doubled to that amount in a single month. Of course, no one knows how or why it is spreading but it is lethal and kills from 50 to 100 percent of the piglets infected with it. It is very similar to a strain of the same virus that has run rampant in China beginning in 2010 and that has killed one million young porkers since then. I can only see that as making the price of several of my favorite foods (bacon, pork ribs, pork chops, pork tenderloin and ham) go sky high.

See: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2013/06/25/deadly-piglet-virus-spreads-to-nearly-200-us-farm-sites/?test=latestnews

If this winds up being spread by someone purposefully, I almost hope they coat him in pigs blood an roast him until well done and crispy.

All the best,
Glenn B