Sunday, March 3, 2013

So My Current Blog Header Pic...

...probably isn't something you would see on Wirecutter's, Pissed's, Jay's, Jen's or Jo's blogs but it sure as hell fits right in with how I feel about the Easter Bunny. Being that Easter is pretty much right around the corner, and that Easter Bunnies, of all descriptions (including vicious white ones), are about to invade many homes (maybe even mine), I find my blog header pic as rather seasonally appropriate. That is, it is fitting in a Gomez Addams (he was always well prepared) and a Monty Python (so were they mostly well prepared) sort of way.

Living in NY, I'll have to settle for a handgun as my bunny killer. So, I chose my trusty ten shot S&W Model 17. After all, I am willing to bet that The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch has been banned under the NY SAFE Act. One thing is for sure, I am not letting on if its having been banned makes me a felon!

As for how I envision Easter Bunnies, I could see them looking a lot like this one, innocent, cuddly and sweet. I can also see them as being demonic pests acting much like the white rabbit of Monty Python lore. (Those guys must have watched a lot of Elmer chasing down that other pesky widdle wabbit, don't ya think!) So, after I finish one of 'em off with my trusty .22, I figure it will soon enough wind up looking like the one below and taste even better than he looks.

Easter Bunnies can be simply delicious if properly stewed (just one of thousands of recipes but not the recipe for the one pictured). Don't try this with chocolate bunnies because they tend to melt.

All the best,
Glenn B

A Bad Habit That Sure Has Made Life Interesting

Not the needle tearing a hole but, in one way or another, hurting myself throughout my life and screwing up my chances of living in peaceful, painless, ignorant bliss. How does the purported Chinese saying go: "May you lead an interesting life"! It is supposedly a curse and not the wish for good fortune that many may think it. Well life certainly has been interesting.

A friend of mine always used to say: "Ignorance is bliss" and I used to think how I would never be so lucky as to enjoy it. Now, I am actually happy I never lived that way and instead chose to live an interesting life. It sure has not been easy. Then again, I think, for the most part that it sure has been fun and promises to remain so for awhile. I would not change how I lived it except maybe not to have hurt any others, undeserving of pain, along the way.

All the best,

Gun Pron - Semi-Auto In .38 Special

Saw a firearms forum comment, apparently questioning the validity of a claim by the media that a criminal had been armed with a semi-automatic pistol in .38 caliber. In fact, it seems a few people thought the report should have said a pistol in 380. While that is likely true, to doubt the existence of pistols chambered in .38 caliber (not .380) is a mistake.

While reading the forum posts, I already knew of at least a few such pistols, such as Colts in .38 Super, and .38 ACP but did a little research anyway and came up with quite a few semi-auto pistols that had been chambered in .38 caliber. See:

Then there are those chambered in .38 Special, like the one pictured below. Pretty, ain't it!

All the best,
Glenn B

Not Watching Fox News - You Don't Know What You're Missing

Enjoy this video, I know I sure did - it is great. I love the line about Bill Clinton and love even more to imagine it is most likely true.

See, I said it was great. I truly believe it has the potential to help turn some Demoncrats into Conservatives and maybe even some homosexuals into straight men. It's not gonna do a thing to change a lesbian or a heterosexual though, is it!

A hat tip and a half to Peter Q for sending me this one.

All the best,
Glenn B