Friday, February 16, 2024

Henry Has Just Announced Four U.S. Border Patrol Commemorative Rifles

Henry has announced four commemorative rifles to honor the 100th anniversary of the U.S. Border Patrol. Two for the USBP & two others for the USBP under CBP. Being I started my career as a BPA in 1979, back when BP Agents actually did their jobs, I may get both of the USBP models; yet, I must say the following because of what BPAs are doing today:

What a sad time in the history of the Mean Green that Henry has chosen to come out with these. Instead of doing the jobs for which they were hired or quitting in mass protest, BP Agents are now, as I see it, aiding and abetting the entry of illegal aliens under the direction of the criminal, U.S. Constitution violating and hating, mindless president who has sold out America, Joe Biden. If I was  a BP agent now, I would quit in protest. I think every one of the current BPAs should quit or at the least stage a sick-out for a week. I am serious that I would quit;. no doubt in my mind. I did when I was in Customs, over much less, and only went back after a week or two of supervisors and agents urging me to return. My GS even coming to my home a couple of times to do so. The  patrol today, is a disgrace as I see it. We have lost the battle and it seems are about to lose the war and our country because they choose to obey the man responsible for destroying our sovereignty and our country's place as the greatest nation on Earth.

Well that said, I guess I need to add something about these rifles. They are being offered only to current, retired or former Border Patrol Agents. There is a model in 22 LR and one in .357 MAG/.38 SPL being offered for the Border Patrol prior to it becoming part of CBP and another one of each caliber for the Border Patrol after the creation of CBP - why they are doing that is beyond me - there is and has been only one U.S. Border Patrol regardless of which department and parent agency it has been under since it's creation.

Ain't they sweet.

The ones in .357/.38 have a brass receiver, the ones in 22 have a nickel plated receiver but for some reason Henry is calling it a Golden Boy (I always thought only their rifles with solid brass receiver were considered Golden Boys). Regardless,I am considering a big money layout for either one of each of the regular USBP models (even the idea of getting a CBP model disgusts me) or possibly double that and getting two of each of the USBP (non-CBP) models. I asked my son what he thought of such an investment and he probably rightly told me it would be very risky especially in light of the possibility that Henry could possibly remove their sales restriction of selling them only to BPAs and thus making them available to the general public if they do not sell enough of them. That would suck and probably reduce the value of them. If however, they are only ever sold by Henry to current, retired or former BPAs, that could keep their value high and they are not cheap. The 22 LR versions are $800.00 each and the .357/.38 are $1,150.00. Those are supposed to be the discounted prices. The thing is, if you buy other of Henry's commemorative models - they currently retail for a bit less than that from what I have seen - so where is the discount except off of MSRP. It really is no discount at all as I see it, if similar commemorative models actually sell for less; then again no others are USBP models.

Then there is the fact they are calling the 22 LR version a Golden Boy and as per their own page describing a Golden Boy the USBP commemorative in 22 LR seems to be anything but a Golden Boy because the receiver and butt plate are nickel finish and not brasslite & brass respectively as they are on a Golden Boy! Check out their description of the Golden Boy here: Then look at the USBP Commemorative models here: Bet you were wondering when I'd get around to that link.They are simply something I'd love to own but even just two will take a big bite out of my bank account and knowing myself, if I buy at least one in one caliber, then I am also buying at least one in the other. Still though, they are very nice looking and the temptation to buy at least one of each - damn my finances - is exceedingly strong and my will is weakening.

I asked my son for some advice as to what he thought of me buying two of each of the USBP (non CBP) models. He mentioned that they might later be sold to the general public, and thus could be a risky investment. He is probably right but the temptation to buy a pair of each is almost as strong as the urge to buy just one of each model. So, I sent an inquiry to Henry to ask if they might ever be sold to the general public or if they will remain on sale only to BPAs and to ask about serial numbers. I inquired as to whether or not these rifles would have a run of serial numbers exclusive to them. I asked that because I want to know, if I buy one, or more, in each caliber, can I get serial number in one caliber that will match the serial number of the other caliber. I also asked if there is a serial number run specific to these guns, would it be possible for me to get one in each caliber ending with what was my three number call sign when I was a BPA (that would be truly excellent). Hopefully they will reply soon and still have the ones with my number in stock if they can do that last thing. If they can do the last three number bit, I am pretty sure to bite on at least one matched pair with my call sign as the last three digits.

I have to add one last thing, not so much about these rifles but rather about the year the Border Patrol was established. I don't know how I missed this all these years, I entered on duty on September 29, 1979, but the founding year of the BP was 1924 - that was the year of my mothers birth. Sold, I am buying at least one, probably two of them and maybe four.

 All the best,
 Glenn B
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