Saturday, May 9, 2015

Quick Inventory of 22 Rimfire Ammo

I took a quick inventory of the .22 rimfire ammo, I have around, that was easy to find. (Meaning there could be more somewhere out of sight in an ammo can in the back of the closet or wherever).

After getting it done, I figured I had best stop reading gun forum threads on availability of .22LR ammo and need to stop visiting It's not that I have a gazillion rounds of .22LR, or anywhere close to that, but I think I may have enough, at least for now. I think what I have on hand of .22LR will last me a few range trips and maybe also a few hunting trips. All I'll admit to I having more that a single box of 50 rounds and less than 30 bricks worth of .22LR ammo and I am tight lipped so to speak mostly because no one needs to know how much I have on hand - especially Obama, Cuomo and or their henchmen.

I will readily admit though that I have one single 100 round box of CCI .22 Short (CB Cap). Who cares who knows that? (It was a rhetorical question, don't answer it. Believe me, I know ho might be interested to know how much ammo I have on hand.)

I also have a decent number of .22WMR (.22 Magnum) rounds. Again, enough .22WMR to last a few range trips and maybe even a few more hunting trips - more than a 50 round box and I'll admit to less than 5k rounds of it. Mind you, that could mean 51 rounds, 5 boxes of it, 10 boxes of it or all the way up to 4,999 rounds. I am not telling, again for the same reason. I will note that I found a box from a brick of .22WMR (not even hinting if there is any ammo left in it) and the price on it was $70.00. It was from a 2012 purchase. Imagine getting it for that price now - yeah right.  Nowadays it is selling for about $150.00 per brick, plus shipping, and that is the lowest price at which I could find it in an online search I did while writing this post.

Getting back to .22LR ammo, I have heard that Dick's Sporting Goods may have CCI Mini-Mags in stock. That may require a trip to their store on the way to my daughter's house tomorrow for Mother's Day festivities. Not that I plan to buy any of it but because I need to get each my wife and mother-in-law a Mother's Day Gift. I may find something for my wife there and then may just have to stop by the gun counter to see if they actually have any of the Mini-Mags. Just out of curiosity though and as I said already - not to buy any. As I said, I think I have enough at least for now.

Then again, isn't tomorrow not now, at least until then, when by then it becomes now, but right now tomorrow is not now, and by then when tomorrow becomes now, I may not have enough now by then? Yeah, now I feel better.

All the best,
Glenn B

Big Brother Has Been Indoctrinating Us With The Media...

... for a long time. They have hammered away at folks my age with entertainment television, specifically cartoons, since I was a toddler. I remember that every Saturday morning, I would get up really early to watch the first cartoon that played each Saturday, which was Colonel Bleep. I did not realize it back then but do now see that it was nothing more than a leftist attempt at brainwashing kids into thinking that government control of the citizenry was a good thing. In fact, it probably was the first encouragement I received that swayed me to my eventual career as a federal agent. Just watch these couple of episodes and tell me, how could I resist! Note the theme running throughout these cartoons, that the Futuran Interplanetary High Command sent Colonel Blip to investigate us and it would all be an exciting adventure.

Notice in the second one shown here (not necessarily the second episode) Colonel Bleep faces off against Dr. Destructo who is armed with a Lunar Luger; this only about 13 years after the end of WWII and the fight against the Nazis. It immediately puts guns in a bad light unless it is a weapon in the hands of a member of the government, as Colonel Bleep is under the Futuran Interplanetary High Command! Yes, the brainwashing the left tried to ram into our heads started long ago.

Pretty ballsy of those leftists if you ask me. Funny though, while I became a fed, I never fell for all that leftist bullshit. Anyway, Colonel Bleep was the greatest - even better than Mighty Mouse and Superman.

All the best,

Friggin Weathermen

I checked the weekend weather forecast yesterday. There was zero (0) percent chance of rain today I my area. I anticipated getting a lot of work done in the backyard to turn the soil, level it, add more soil and seed it for a lawn. So far, I finished turning the soil and moved about 800-900 pounds of topsoil to the backyard from where it sat next to the house. (I will now take this moment to again thank my son for buying a wheelbarrow which comes in handy even on our tiny lot; it surely saved my already aching back today.) That's it though - no more because of the rain. I'd really like to at least rake it out and maybe throw what new soil I have atop the old and maybe then rake that out too but it depends on Mother Nature cooperating. We'll see.

All the best,
Glenn B

I Was Busy In The Garden And Missed It... I guess I'll just have to wait for next year and to find out if it is going to sprout again. What? World Naked Gardening Day - what else!

Photo found here and apparent original source here. Reposted here for
educational purposes only to make you aware of the existence of this day.
According to the WNGD website, it most certainly is an annual event, the one I just missed was the 10th one they held. I guess no one in my neighborhood ever heard of it, at least no one within the view I get from my backyard since I certainly would have noticed.

And now, I need to get busy in the garden for at least a few hours but most assuredly not in the buff.

All the best,
Glenn B