Saturday, January 8, 2011

Videos Supposedly Made By Alleged/Suspected Tucson Shooter - Jared Loughner

This and a few other videos or sound tracks are still up on YouTube, as I write. They were reportedly made by, and apparently attributed to, Jared Loughner. He is also reportedly the main suspect who reportedly was arrested in connection with the Tucson shootings, today.

My opinion, of this video, is that it is kooky ranting. The guy who made these videos probably had, in my personal opinion, gone off the deep end. After listening to just this one (below) I have to wonder if he was psychotic. If these videos/audios were made by the killer, it makes it much easier for me to understand how he (if indeed it was him - he has not been tried yet - bear that in mind and bear in mind the police are also seeking another person at this time) could have shot all those people. It does not, for me, excuse such behavior or criminal acts - just makes it easier to understand how it may have happened if the shooter/killer and the guy who made these videos was one and the same person.

What a shame, lots of lives ruined. Too bad no one in the crowd had a gun and shot back and got the killer(s) before he (they) got as many as he (they) did.

All the best,
Glenn B

Tucson Shootings

My heart felt condolences to those who lost loved ones in the mass shooting in Tucson today. My well wishes go out for those who were shot and survived and my prayers are going out both for the survivors and the deceased.

If they find, arrest, try and convict the killer, I think they should execute him. I know they arrested someone already, or so it is being reported, but just as anyone, he gets his day in court before judgement and sentence can be passed.

As for whoever is the actual killer, once he is convicted (if ever), I think he should be killed as would be a rabid dog - swiftly and with no amicable regard for him, but that is just my personal opinion.

My condolences,
Glenn B

President Obama Wants You To Get Internet Identification

The man who would not produce, as I seem to remember, his birth certificate (I do not mean his certificate of live birth which someone supposedly did produce but his birth certificate which is legally nowhere near the same as a certificate of live birth), nor his travel records regarding which passport he used, nor produce his college records, nor his health records and maybe not his tax records (not sure on that one) is now virtually demanding that all Americans who use the Internet be issued an Internet ID as a trust issue! This is simply astounding. Remember, this is also the same man who wants to allow undocumented aliens (illegal aliens) to stay in our country and receive loads of great benefits all leading to U.S. Citizenship but does not trust you enough to use the Internet without you having a special Internet ID. Even if you voted for him the first time around, if you vote for this guy in 2012, my personal opinion is that I think you will need to have your head examined.

According to Fox News:

"Trusted Identities in Cyberspace is currently being drafted by the Obama administration and will be released by the president in a few months." (see:

Trusted Identities in Cyberspace??? Doesn't our own government trust us already - hell they work for us - we are not their slaves or underlings. It is we who should be questioning whether or not government workers and officials are trustworthy of the positions they hold as our servants!

In the same article, they also quote the Commerce Secretary as saying this:

""We are not talking about a national ID card. We are not talking about a government-controlled system. What we are talking about is enhancing online security and privacy, and reducing and perhaps even eliminating the need to memorize a dozen passwords, through creation and use of more trusted digital identities,""

I wonder, as a private citizen, are they also talking about something like wearing a digital star? I am not saying that lightly either. Remember, it was taken with a grain of salt when ordered for certain people just a bit over half a century or so ago (wearing a star that is). What is the next step, segregating those who are not trusted from those who are trusted in Cyberspace? Who is making the determination as to whom our government trusts and upon what objective measures will trust in Cyberspace, or anywhere, be judged?

What do I think needs to be done? Rise up folks, mandate that you elected officials put a stop to this by them demanding to hear from President Obama just what is his Constitutional authority to do so! Hint - there is none - not in the commerce clause or anywhere else in my understanding.) Our freedoms are being flushed away, in my personal opinion, by this administration on an almost daily basis as it seems to me. For how much of this can we stand, will we stand, before we stand united against it all?

All the best,

Fresh Water Tropical Fish...

...keeping is one of my hobbies. I used to keep them when younger because my uncle was a great fish keeper. He taught me a lot of what he knew. Of course, I also keep reptiles & amphibians and that is also mostly due to my uncle because he bought me my first Red Eared Slider Turtle. I wound up getting away from the fish for the most part, although I did keep some on and off over the years; usually for food for my turtles or snakes but sometimes for the sake of keeping fish. Then I got back into keeping them, maybe a year or two ago, for the sake of being a tropical fish hobbyist once again. I had decided to keep less reptiles and delved into amphibians, specifically newts and aquatic salamanders and figured that fish would go well with them. Or was it the other way around, maybe I got the fish first - oh it doesn't matter.

Anyway, I now have one semi-aquatic tank set up for fish and frogs, one tank set up for my turtle and fish (it was not meant to hold fish but two feeder goldfish survived until they got too big for the turtle to chase down and make a meal of so they are living large in the turtle tank), one tank of aquatic salamanders (no fish), one tank for several Blue Tailed Fire Bellied Newts, a couple of Gold Mystery Snails, a few
Green Aeneus Catfish and several guppies, and a tank with virtually all tropical fish save a single Iberian Ribbed Newt that shares their tank.

The one tank with mostly tropical fish holds: 5
Paleatus Corydoras, 2 Pictus catfish (often mislabelled as Angelicus Cats), 2 Kribensis, 3 Rams, 1 Cardinal Tetra (used to be about 5 or 6 but the Pictus catfish got the others, the remaining one is now too big for them to gobble up), several guppies (plain, more or less feral and not one of the many varieties with fantails), one Golden Algae Eater and a Gold Mystery Snail. I would love to get myself several more cardinals but they have been hard to find in good health. The only times I have seen them over about the last year, and they are scarce in pet shops and aquariums up this way, they have been emaciated looking and in water that has been treated with medicinal chemicals. (Anyone know the reason they all seem to be in bad shape? If so please leave a comment or email me with info.)

I have been hoping to breed the Aeneus corydoras and the Peleatus corys too. The green Aeneus cats have often laid eggs but none have ever been fertilized although I am sure I have at least one male in the group. As for the Peleatus cats, they laid eggs once, all were fertile, but all were eaten by tank mates. Since then, probably over a year ago, they have not bred again. I'll have to read up on them a bit and condition them properly to induce breeding, they are nice fish. As for the Kribensis, I am surprised they have not bred as all is as it should be for them to do so. I have a definite male and female in the community tank (they often breed in community tanks) but I may put them into a tank of their own to see if they will mate.

On the whole, tropical fish are fun to keep, interesting too. They are not difficult to keep once you get the hang of it, especially if you start with a large enough tank (at least 30 gallons - makes it easier to maintain good water chemistry with a larger tank, larger than 30 is better yet) and fish that are on the easier side to keep. Note they don't have to be drab or plain to be easy to keep, fish like Kribensis, Rams, Cardinals, Pictus cats, Algae Eaters, Guppies (even the fancy ones) and all virtually all of the Corydoras catfish are pretty easy to keep. If you are looking for a hobby, that is fun, interesting and does not cost an arm and a leg (initial costs are moderate fairly high, compared to other pets, for a complete set-up, but after that costs are usually low to moderate depending on your tastes in fish or if you expand to more tanks) I highly recommend tropical fish keeping.

All the best,
Glenn B

My New Mag Pouches...

...were supposed to arrive yesterday via UPS and there was a UPS package awaiting me when I got home from work. When I opened it I was dismayed to find only one (1) Uncle Mike's Double magazine pouch in the package. I called up Optic's Planet, which was the company name on the invoice regardless of the fact I ordered from a place called the When I explained that only one of the two I had ordered had actually arrived, the man at the other end, in Customer Service, said "REALLY" (in the most incredulous tone of voice I have heard in awhile). Instead of reaming him a new one, I decided to stay nice and just said "really", leaving it at that. He said someone would contact me, either on Monday or Tuesday, about it after they checked out my claim. I mean - what is to check?

My guess is that either some dimwit was not paying attention to bag stuffing 101 but got hired as a stock-boy anyway or that a real jerk saw the word "double" on the packaging and thought that qualified as two items because it was, well - double! Of course, maybe it was just an oversight due to a brain fart, I can understand that but do not understand the tones of incredulity in the Customer Service guy's voice. Hopefully, they will make it right and I won't have to contest the charge through my credit card company. One thing I have going for me is they labelled the package as being 1 pound in weight but the UPS tracking notice said it was only 0.4 pounds in weight. Whoops - I guess they REALLY goofed and forgot to add the other pouch to the order, which would have made it much closer to that 1 pound weight.

Oh well,