Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Today In History - Happy Birthday to a 107 Year Old... maker by the name of the Ford Motor Company. Ford was incorporated on June 16, 1903 and I find it amazing that they are still running strong. As you are probably aware, Ford was the only one of the big 3 automobile makers not to accept bailout or tarp money and I think the only one to actually a real profit right after that. As opposed to the doom saying of government officials in the Obmanation, Ford did not go belly up because it did not get money the very next day after the government said they absolutely had to have it tomorrow. I have owned a Ford and had my headaches with it because at times, due to mostly minor recurring problems, I thought it lived up to the sayings Found On Road Dead or Fix Or Repair Daily. The thing is though I owned that car, despite several annoying problems, for 14 years before selling it just about a month or two ago. It kept running and running and running and from what I have heard it is still going strong. Yep I give Ford credit - not only for making American cars that last but for being able to take the wild Mustang by the reins and bring their business up from near dismal failure in a short time without taking handouts from the taxpayers. Happy Birthday to Ford and if I ever buy an American car again it may just be a Ford!

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Ballseye’s Gun Shots 65 - C&R Renewal

Today, I will be sending in the renewal forms for my C&R FFL. Usually, it would have been sent in a month or more ago but for some reason, this year, the BATFE either never sent it to me or sent the original application to me or sent it and I did not receive it. The one I am filing today is a duplicate renewal form. Hopefully they will process it fairly quickly because the current one expires on July 1, 2010. It would be nice to have a new one on time, not that I may soon be buying another rifle using it to make the purchase since I recently bought two other rifles and am kind of broke in the gun fund department, but still nice to have on time.

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