Sunday, November 20, 2022

Inflation Sucks...

 ...your hard earned dollars right out of your pocket and your bank account(s). I went to Costco with my son & his girlfriend yesterday and spent $360 on mostly groceries and a bit on toothpaste and a sleep aid. That did not include a turkey, we had to go to Walmart for the bird and some baking needs because the fresh turkeys at Costco were about $3.50 per pound and they were out of frozen (they had been going for only .99 cents per pound - such a deal in hard times). As it was, Wally World's frozen Butterball turkeys were $1.18 a pound. That was not bad at all but everything else was ridiculous at both stores and gas & diesel are not getting any less expensive. Watch the video (it has been taking a few to several seconds to load).
Christmas dinner is going to be a pauper's delight as compared to what we will have on Thanksgiving because I can not afford another expenditure like the one yesterday. The upper I planned to get myself for Christmas may have to wait. Seriously, two hits like that for a couple of feast-like meals just a month apart along with the bills for Christmas presents, the additional expenditures I laid out for some ammo & gun stuff I purchased earlier this month and in October is going to be just too much for me and I need to dig pretty deep into my savings to get it all paid off when the credit card payments are due. I may have to get a job to replenish the bank account - perish the thought but I kid you not - it may become a reality that I will need to go back to work in retirement and that may suck more than inflation.
Add to all that, all the fuckers in Washington, at least those with any sense at all, keep telling us it is going to get worse, much worse for our economy. Of course, that arsewipe in the oval office keeps telling us what a great job he's done to keep inflation at bay and how things like gasoline a less expensive under his watch (an outright lie kike most things he has said about the economy & the causes of the current inflation crisis).f course, bear in mind he really does seem to be a perpetual liar and more than merely somewhat demented. He is the one responsible for this quagmire in which we find ourselves paying much more for the necessities than we have paid, relative to our incomes, in over 40 years. How there was not a red wave in the elections is beyond me because 99.5% of the dems seem to support his claims that he is saving the economy while they actually seem to be fervently assisting him to destroy what was our thriving economy.
I kid you not, if I only spend on rent, utilities, dog food & treats, gasoline & normal car maintenance - it will take me at least 6 months to recoup what I have spent in the last few weeks and what little more I will spend on the few Christmas presents I have yet to purchase. Last year, spending on the same things at the same rate of making purchases as I am now, might have taken me two months of belt pocketbook cinching, at most, to make up.
I think that the Grinch & Scrooge (before him having been visited by the spirits of Christmas) had nothing on Joe Biden regards to destroying the spirit of giving at Christmas! 
All the best,
Glenn B