Monday, January 11, 2016

"I Don't Think You Fully Understand Bigelow,...'ve been murdered."

That is the line, from the classic film DOA, by which the main character finds out from a doctor that he has been fataly poisoned with radium. As his doctor explains, it is all just a matter of when because it is a certainty that his death is imminemt. All one needs to do is to substitute the name Bigelow with the name Germany and substitute one man's poison with one country's refugees. Maybe the people of Germany are finally waking up to the fact that their leaders have poisoned their nation with the tide of refugees they have allowed within their borders. One has to wonder if it is the same for Germany as it was for Bigelow - hopelessly too late for a cure.

Of corse, DOA was not a European classic, it was made in America; so, I suppose I should point out that one could just as easily substitute America for Bigelow and immigrants or refugees for radium. Our situation is rapidly approaching Bigelow's sad state. The difference though is that unlike Bigelow, who was surprised to learn he had been poisoned by an unknown person, we need not spend the rest of our movie searching for our killer. We know who has put the poison in our system  - our politicians. Just as Bigelow drank his poison in a dink unwittingly given to him by his killer, we have thrown caution to the wind and take whatever our politicians feed us all to willingly, even if it winds up being poison. Hopefully though, they have not yet shoved a fatal dose down America's throat and we will seek a cure before we realize, that like Bigelow, we are DOA.

All the best,
Glenn B