Tuesday, November 16, 2021

There Are Three Reasons...

 ...which come to my mind as to why the Rittenhouse jurors have not yet returned a verdict. Two are bad for Kylee and one is good. 

One is that they have one or two holdouts who do not agree with the rest of the jurors. So if 10 or 11 are voting not guilty, the other one or two are voting guilty regardless of the overwhelming evidence supporting his defense of self-defense. Of course it could lean in the other direction of only one or two for acquital. Either way, this is not good for Kyle and could wind up as a mistrial with it being tried again before another judge who is not as strict about prosecutorial misconduct.

Another is that they are leaning toward convicting him of at least one major count and are deciding on that one. Also not good for Kyle.

The third is they are already of a consensus to acquit but are essentially just wasting time to make it look as if they deliberated a good long time before arriving at a verdict. This is good although admitedly nerve wracking for a defendant

Hoping for not guilty on all counts,

Glenn B

A Verdict by 130 PM Or Sooner...

 ...would most likely be good for Kyle Rittenhouse. It would be a long enough deliberation for the jurors to say they were seriously at it long enough. It also gives them time for lunch on the government. 

Much longer than that might be a big problem for Kyle. Of course while you can never predict, with certainty, what a jury will do, those are my guesses. I have some fair amount of experience with criminal prosecutions and trials and base my guesses on that. The earliest I see that they could come back with a verdict is after 2 hours in the jury room but then they would miss free lunch!
All the best,
Glenn B