Saturday, February 21, 2015

An Almost Forgotten Classic

This is one hell of a great song but I am sure that the Dew Drop Inn in this song is not the same as the one where I used to tip a few (although it doesn't sound all that much different).

All the best,
Glenn B

Just Ordered A Brick of 22 LR... Palmetto State Armory and still almost can't believe that by the time I receive it I will have paid a total of $54.40 for it. It worked out to $39.90 for ten 50 round boxes, plus $3.50 shipping (additional shipping over the shipping for the other part of my order). I will also have to pay an additional $10 for the transfer to me from an FFL here in NY.

Just the ammo alone going for $40 still befuddles me. Virtually all other ammo has come down considerably in price (with the exception of M855 that just skyrocketed but that is another story) in recent months and availability of virtually all ammo has gone way up (again excepting M855) but for some reason 22LR is still priced sky high by most dealers. The one online exception I have seen is Cabella's but finding it available with them at their lower price is like hitting the lottery.

It's not like the ammo I just ordered is anything special either, it's Magtech 22LR, standard velocity, 40gr lead round nose ammo. I figure a decent price for it would be between .04 to .05 cents per round. I bought it anyway; I really am concerned that within the remaining time he has in office, president Obama and his cronies/henchmen will attempt something that will drive prices of ammunition even higher  (like a new tax) or may even attempt to place an outright ban on all ammo sales.

I probably would not have bought it as a stand alone item but figured, since I was already buying a hundred rounds of .308 WIN ammunition, I might as well add one brick's worth of it to the order. That only added another $3.50 to the shipping charge and the transfer fee in NY remains the same no matter how much ammo is in a single order. Such a deal, maybe I should have bought two or three or...

Now the long wait to receive it - PSA is notorious for taking about 2 weeks to ship an order. I don't mind the wait, I have more than enough 22LR to hold me over until then and well beyond.

By the way, Palmetto State Armory had a fairly decent price on Prvi Partizan .308 WIN, 180 grain, soft point ammo at $13.99 per box. I know I could have gotten a better price, by maybe a penny or two a round, on this particular 308 ammo but customer loyalty played a part in this order. Anyway, had I gotten it elsewhere, they probably would not have had the 22LR ammo in stock and maybe not the reliability that PSA is known for either.

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Glenn B

Global Warming (aka: Climate Change) Has Me Hopeful...

...that someday soon, I will once again see a sight like this blissful scene:

East Branch of the Delaware River, New York State.
In fact, Global Warming, or Climate Change (if you will) has warmed it up in my neck of the woods to an astounding 30 degrees Fahrenheit today! Can you imagine that, it's 30 friggin degrees - a veritable heat spell compared to what it has been lately.

The next thing you know it will be spring and trees will be budding and the Crosuses will be blooming and I'll be complaining about yard work.

All the best,
Glenn B

Che Guevara - A Brutal Killer & Commie

Che Guevara "...a good roll model for all of us...". I did not make that up, someone reportedly marching in an American Teachers' Union rally actually said that. Watch the look on her face when the reporter asked her to tell him a little bit about Che. That she knew almost nothing historically verifiable about him was obvious immediately, that she was the typical loony leftist who would say anything to support her ideology, whether truthful or not (such as her saying that he fought for labor rights and is a good roll model), became readily apparent within the time it took for only a couple of sentences to come out of her mouth. Imagine, she could be in a classroom educating indoctrinating your children.

Pay attention to the below video, she certainly was not the only one at that march with a similar attitude, look at all the others wearing Che Guevara t-shirts. They are the so called educators of our children. They should be ashamed of themselves. If President Obama ever wanted to apologize for the behavior of any of our citizens, that would be a good place to start but somehow I imagine he has at least one of those shirts in his own closet. He probably wears it as a nightie.

Really, pay attention to the video, learn a little history about the man that so many on the left idolize.

Che Guevara was a cold blooded killer who killed in the name of a revolution to instate communism. Communists have been responsible for more summary executions than were the Nazis. Did you catch the quote about not being able to determine if people were guilty before executing them, it is despicable.

If you don't believe that about him, that he was a heinous killer, and an oppressive tyrant, go to the history books and look it up or if you prefer - use the Internet. It's all there for you to see if you look for it as opposed to just seeking out leftist propaganda that glorifies him. Yet, for some reason, the same leftists who support trash like him want to take away my right to keep and bear arms. Screw them, stopping guys like him is one of the reasons we all should be well armed.

All the best,
Glenn B


You may think that just so much fluff but in fact everything in it is supported by the attitude of 43% of the Democrat party. A recent Rasmussen poll has shown that a whopping 43% of demoncrats Democrats believe that President Obama should be allowed to disregard the courts when he decides to do so.
Along those same lines, President Obama criticized and faulted his predecessor President George W. Bush for allegedly disregarding the Constitution and Congress. Obama stated that if he were president he would reverse what he claimed GWB was doing. The truth be told, regarding virtually every of Bush's policies that Obama denounced, once he was in office, Obama extended or expanded on those policies (and created new and even more egregiously illegal ones) while exercising an utter, contemptible and illegal disregard of the Constitution, the Courts and the Congress.
I had thought that GWB was bad in his disregard for the Constitution on some issues but everything Obama does has intensified exactly the things for which Obama faulted Bush and more. In that regard, Obama has established himself as the Tyrant King of the American Presidency. As I best recall history, we in essence threw the last king and his minion out on their arses.
A hat tip and my thanks to Peter Q for the poster.

All the best,
Glenn B