Saturday, January 20, 2024

Beaten To Death As Bystanders Merely Watched Him Be Killed

 A man, who as delivering firewood to a house, was beaten to death by a naked man who had grabbed a piece of the firewood to use as a weapon and then attacked the victim. Another man, apparently the resident of the home, reportedly ran away and into his house after also being attacked but did little more, if anything, to help, than remain inside the house and call 911 (more at the source). 

So, I am left wondering: 

What in hell happened to all the Texans with firearms? Then again, what happened to the balls of any of the witnesses. The guy who was getting the delivery, if I understand correctly, ran away and hid in his house. What do you think he reportedly said was he all he could do: "...could only watch as Omondi continued beating Jackson with firewood repeatedly" . NO that was NOT the only thing he could have done, even had he been injured by the attacker. As I see it, unless he had been severely injured and close to completely incapacitated (for his conscience's sake, I hope that was why he remained inside), what he did was the only thing that in my opinion a coward would have done. So what else could he have done if not badly incapacitated: he could have stayed outside and grabbed a piece of firewood to arm himself and at least try to save the victim. Okay, he was under attack, so he ran into his house and called 911. Then what could he have done once inside? If he had had one: he could have grabbed his gun or a knife or a baseball bat, or a hammer, or a pry bar or any weapon in the house or outside the house - damn even the garden hose on full blast; then go to confront the killer to try to stop the assault. Instead he  apparently chose to stay inside and a man died a senseless death. Other so called witnesses watched but apparently did nothing physical to actually end the assault. I believe, he died because of the killer who attacked him but I also believe his life was not saved because of the inaction of those who did nothing to help the him. I firmly believe they could quite possibly have prevented his death and saved his life. Yet they all seemingly chose only to watch as he was beaten to death or maybe some called 911. Folks, the police are not likely going to get there in time to save the day unless by some miracle a police car was down the block right when the call came in; sometimes it is up to you to do more than watch and be a witness.
I could see myself maybe not stepping into it, meaning not getting into a hand to hand fight as I am kind of old and fairly infirm due to severe arthritis but I doubt that. I certainly could not see myself standing by doing nothing. Shooting the bad guy, if there was a clear shot immediately comes to mind. If the bad guy was too close to the victim to get a clear shot at the bad guy, then heck even a warning shot into the ground to get his attention would probably have been better than nothing, then shoot him if he threatens or engages with you. No gun or other weapon - then there also was the option of grabbing the weapons at hand - a piece of the firewood and bashing the bad guys brains out from behind with it. At the very least I think I'd urge other onlookers to join me in trying to save the victim, there is strength in numbers & unity. Then again, because of years of training and getting into violent altercations when I was a LEO, I may have just dived right into the fray despite my arthritis. I cannot say with absolute certainty what it would have been that I would have done but I'll be damned if I am not sure it would have been more than anyone else seems to have done. 

Why do people essentially do nothing??? I detest the fact that way too many people do nothing in such an instance and pray I never turn into one of them. I think I'd blame and hate myself for that man's demise had I been there and done virtually nothing to try to help him. RIP.
All the best,
Glenn B