Saturday, June 23, 2007

No News, No Current Events, No Politics...

...on my mind today; I couldn't focus on any of that with our upcoming road trip so near. I did some shopping at Costco, picked up a 4 foot long folding table at Lowes; and then came home and worked in the garden for a couple or few hours. After that I enjoyed a couple of heffe weisse biers. Then I got to the chore of packing for our upcoming road trip. Of course, Brendan has not been anywhere around the house today - probably with his girlfriend, but it sure would be nice if he had packed. I guess he will be busy packing tomorrow after work. Well I have all my clothes packed, and I think I have all the fishing gear we need. Now to pick a rifle of two to bring along.

I don't have any hotel reservations yet, and only one sleeping bag, so I don't know if we will be camping out or sleeping in beds in some motel. I guess it depends on where we point the Corolla when we drive away from the house. I almost cannot wait. Five days, maybe 6, on the road and having fun.

As for the rest of the night, well I guess supper is overdue, so I am about to eat. I just made myself a sardine sandwich on super heavy multigrain bread, and I slathered it with horseradish mustard. That should go good with one more heffe weisse bier. Then off to slumberland, so I can get up early tomorrow to finish my chores and our packing.

All the best,
Glenn B

Worrying About A Stranger... not something I do regularly, but I have been a bit worried lately. As you may remember, I signed up with Soldiers' Angels awhile back. That meant I got assigned to a particular soldier in the U.S. Military for, I think, the next year. In that year it will be my responsibility to write to him at least once a week (or was that monthly?), and to send a care package now and again. Since being assigned to a soldier (mine is in Afghanistan) we have written to each other a few times. he is stationed in a Forward Operations Base (FOB), and I imagine he sees some action now and again quite often. I mailed out a care package to him earlier this week, or late last week (my memory is shot), and I also emailed him again. he has not replied to my email, and that actually has me worried. Can you imagine being pretty worried about someone you have never met, and probably will never meet; it is a fairly unique feeling. This is not like hearing about someone on the new, and then being concerned, this is more like being worried for a member of your family. Maybe not quite as strong as if he were an immediate family member, but certainly stronger, much stronger, than someone you hear about on the news. I guess this is because there has been that communication between the both of us already, and because we have been attached through the Soldiers' Angels Program as a sort of a team. I just hope he is okay, and that he stays that way. I guess I wish him to be home soon and safe, but until then that he do his job with bravery and honor.

All the best,
Glenn B

Visitor 5,000 - Thank You...

...and thanks to everyone else who has stopped by for a visit. I guess I don't get those mega individual page view hit numbers that other sites have, but I do seem to generate at least a little interest (it took almost a year to get this many page views, I think 10 months). Oh well, its fun, and if you read it, I'll keep writing more of it.

I had two other views of note lately: #4,080 was done by some at the NRA, and another recent view was from Toyota.

The info on number 5,000 is below, just in case it was you (whomever you maybe).

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Now if only I could figure out how to promote this blog well enough to get 50,000 individual page views in the next year.

All the best,
Glenn B