Friday, November 13, 2020

Bury Them But Not Too Deep - Do It Now

I've heard it said that if you think it's time to bury your weapons - then it is really the time start using them instead - that being to overthrow a tyranny. I don't believe that for a second. In fact, I think now is the time to bury some but also to keep some handy just in case. Why bury them? Well, I am just about convinced that no matter what legal actions are taken now and in the near future - on January 20, 2021 - a democrat will become president.

The democrat in question is an avowed enemy of the Right To Keep & Bear Arms (RKBA). He has made it absolutely clear that his plan is to confiscate guns evidently starting with AR-15 and the like. Far prior to the election he named some guy with the ridiculous ethnic name of Beto (ridiculous because his ethnicity does not match that of the name as I am give to understand) as his gun confiscation czar. His VP is also extremely anti-gun and was reportedly the most liberal Senator in our history. She seems very pro-criminal from what, for the most part, I have read about her - as in pro-releasing them onto the streets and hoping to get them to vote leftist.

The possible choices/nominees, for this potential president's cabinet, will chosen from some of the looniest political figures I have ever seen in my lifetime. One an avowed socialist who wants to do away with billionaires but yet is at least a millionaire himself; another who whooped it up as if she were a full blooded native of this continent and then in sum & substance claimed - see I told you I was part Indian and it's been proven because I am like1/100,000th (or whatever) native American, another who is a wanna-be gun grabber (the guy with the ethnic name that does not fit) and on and on.

They did very little down to nothing to try to stop the recent insurgency - if you have not noticed that was all the looting, arson, rioting, assaults, murders and daily illegal protests that were obviously politically motivated no matter what false claims they made that they were doing so for nobler reasons. Those same folks, nut jobs many of them, have been arming themselves in great numbers as never before. The NICS checks in October 2020 have far surpassed, by extreme numbers, those of any other month during the history of the NICS system (a system to run background checks on those purchasing firearms from dealers & gun shows). These guns are not inexpensive nor is their ammunition; in fact since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, prices of them began to sky-rocket and a buying frenzy ensued. Shortly after that, George Floyd was killed by police and the protests and riots began. Those soon morphed into anything but away to honor Mr. Floyd and peacefully protest his death or support for his family. What they turned into were socialists/communist agitators trying to destroy the United States of America, the rights of its people and its Constitution while at the same time continuing the years long effort to demolish the presidency of President Donald Trump. That only added fuel to the firearms & ammunition buying frenzy and more and more members of the far left bought the very same guns & ammo they have hoped for years to take away from moderates & conservatives.

Then, as the election drew nearer, more and more on all sides of the political area began to panic and buy as much as they could of firearms, ammunition, and accessories for them. The prices kept going up. Some ammunition that sold for $189 for a thousand rounds (a round = an individual cartridge) were soon selling for $1.00 apiece or $1,000 per case of 1,000 rounds. (Some may think that a lot of ammo but it is probably enough for 5 trips to the range during which a moderate amount of shooting practice is accomplished.) The election is over now and the intense buying continues ad because supplies have dwindled and production cannot keep up with demand, prices apparently will keep rising. I have heard it said by ammunition manufacturers that had President Trump won reelection, it would have taken at least one year for production to have gotten back to normal and longer for prices to do so. With the democrat as our president, I heard (no verified) that ammo company big wigs believe ammunition prices will keep going up over the course of the next ear to where the same thousand rounds of ammo will cost $3,000.00 - or each round $3.00 apiece (speaking about something like 9mm handgun fodder).

Have you wondered for even a moment where folks are getting the money to pay for all these guns and all this ammo. Folks on the right - those with no or very little time to protest anything are short on time for that because they work for a living. Sure, many folks on the left work too but it is obvious, at least to me and others of like mind and should be to you too, that those on the left, especially the far left do not work - at least not regularly and are either on the government doles or making money illegally. Look at the protestors, those in ANTIFA and in BLM. Do they all have jobs - if so - how do they work while being involved in all the protesting? They probably don't - that is do not work at least not at a 40 hour a week job. So where are they getting the money to buy guns  ammo - especially at the current inflated prices? My guess is illegally - as from selling drugs or stolen property -  or possibly though handouts from the likes of people akin to Soros or Bloomberg. Not necessarily them but others like the with oodles of money to give away to the cause of destroying the free market, capitalism, our rights, our Constitution & the USA but most of all dedicated to destroying Donald Trump. While I cannot prove any such allegation please note I did not make an allegation, I just said it is a possible source of their funds that I consider may be such. Certainly, while it may have been a bit of a start, the pandemic stimulus funds were in no way enough to explain it all way. I'd sure like to be the fly on the money giving place wall to find out how these liberal vagabonds got enough money to cause record breaking sales.

So, by now you may think, man oh man Ballseye did you ever go off on a tangent, far from your initial thought of it being time to bury guns & ammo. I have not, I am trying to stress why it is important. First off because if the democrat gets in - guns will be confiscated - at least from conservatives and supporters of the by then previous president and I have already explained that. Next, the extreme leftist known as AOC, is already calling for a blacklist of sorts (source) for they who supported President Trump and there are others in Hollywood who are or were doing the same (source 1) (source 2). Then there is an independent website (I think independent of AOC) also dedicated to such (lost the link, but if I find it again, I'll post it). Secondly, those on the left who have been buying guns & ammo will almost certainly run out of money if the democrat becomes president. Why? Well, if funded by the likes of leftist billionaires, I think it likely they will cease handing out such funds because their man got in. They may get some more from future stimulus payments and from jobs - if and when enough low paying part time jobs come back soon enough if an when the pandemic isolation orders cease. But where will they get enough if prices continue to rise? They won't and thus I believe they will resort to the list that AOC wants to formulate- or others like it - and they will target conservatives & moderates who supported trump and the RKBA and will try to take them either by outright use of force or by stealthy theft. Do you think me believing such a situation will come about is preposterous? Think again and go back just one year from today and tell me: Did you think their would be mass protest sin the streets, in liberal cities & towns (and even the countryside) during which fascist groups such as ANTIFA (and make no mistake they are fascists), did you think there ever would be a movement called Defund The Police, did you think even after that movement commenced that it would be supported by prominent democrats ad even provoked by them to do more damage than already done, did you ever think that when the president of the United States of America offered to help end the looting, rioting, arson, assaults and murders that the democrat leaders f the affected areas would basically spit in his face and tell him he was causing the problem (too bad trump did not declare martial law and deal with it swiftly and convincingly because then there would be no chance of an extreme leftist democrat in the Oval office in January).

Yes, with all that going on and with things promising to get worse - maybe even as bad as it was/is in Venezuela (once the richest country in South America taken to its knees in abject poverty with the rights of its people destroyed in only a couple or few years - do you not think it possible or even probably that you should prepare for the worst and that doing so means you should have something in the way of firearms and ammunition set aside - hidden - safe  and ready to be retrieved and used in the event an all out tyranny, the aim of which is to shoot down our Constitution and destroy our rights and our great nation country comes to be. I sure as heck do!

All the best,
Glenn B

Some Comment Notifications Lost In The Ozone I Guess

Got an email yesterday from one of my regular readers asking about he comment he had sent in and wondering why it had not been published. I never received an email notification for it, went through my comments and found a few others likewise. Posted his and another, deleted the rest as they were spam. 

 Had a problem like this before where Blogger stopped sending notifications but this time it may have been my email since I did receive so many other notifications from Blogger in the same time frame as the ones I did not receive. If however, it is Blogger, I'd have to guess it has to do with their new and dumbed-down format and user controls. They went from what I thought was a very good blogging platform to what I see as a pretty much an absolutely moronic way of doing things. I think, it's truly like a pre-teen or young teenager designed the new format as part of a class project that he or she failed miserably. Why they attempted to fix what truly was not broken is beyond my comprehension - unless they were trying to become appealing to the brain dead.

All the best,

PS: Yes I just backed up my blog just in case the hammer falls because I wrote that.