Saturday, April 1, 2017

Hillary Clinton Tells The Truth

I Wonder If Anyone Noticed I Have Not Been Blogging...

...for over a week, that was at least until today. I suppose that is because I have been a bit busy doing this and that. Not much to post about during the last week either. I did attend a Hessney firearms auction last weekend. I had a blast as usual. Picked myself up an as new Ruger Mini-14 with box, papers and all accessories. It is pristine as far as I can tell. May go give it a nice test-fire tomorrow. Other than that, I am sick of politics and current events and not much has been happening with my life except for my post immediately previous to this one but that happened today. Will be working all of next week and possibly through the next couple to few weeks. That would be a good thing, I overextended myself a but with that Ruger Mini-14 after picking up the Marlin 1936 just a month or so prior to my buying the Mini.

I have got a new in the box Ruger 10/22, with Reaper Camo design, for sale (this is not an offer to sell via this site - just noting that I have it for sale). If anyone is interested, it is listed for sale here.

All the best,
Glenn B

A Progressive (of a sort) In Freedomland

I never thought of my son Brendan as a Progressive (aka: liberal, leftist, socialist, commie douchebag) and indeed he is not one of them. Yet, I must say he sure has been progressive since moving to Arkansas - that is at least as moving along and making progress in his life goes.

He moved down there without a job prospect and since getting there he has: caught a nice catfish, rented/leased his own first apartment, bought his own furniture, changed his license from NY to AR CDL Class A, purchased his first pistol a Glock 43, found a job within 3 weeks, passed the drug test for that job and started working, may have found a better paying job less than a week after the other (Pepsi has made a contingent offer to him), and so on. Yes, he is progressing nicely but certainly not like a whining anti-American political Progressive.

In fact, today, he progressed one step further by taking the liberty to exercise his right to keep and bear arms. He took and successfully completed the course for the Arkansas Concealed Handgun Carry License. Yes, I know, there absolutely should be no requirement for such a license but since there is one he stepped up and did what had to be done to come one step closer to obtaining that license.

Brendan's target and certificate from the A CHCL class.
As far as the CHCL course went, I think he may need to use a tad less finger on the trigger and use a smoother pull but what would I know! Anyhow, he has got it down fairly well and passed the course. I am quite the happy dad and proud to see he is keeping alive and well the tradition of being a liberty exercising and rights loving armed American like me.

All the best,
Glenn B