Saturday, January 27, 2018

For Once I Am Not The Bidder...

...but am the seller of a gun and the bidding on it is going well! The auction of my Polish WZ48 Trainer that I have up on has just over a day left before the auction closes and I am only $10 shy of what I paid for it out the door a few years back. While I would like to have seen it increase in value and while I hope that the bids will go higher over the next 21 hours & 7 minutes (as I type) that are remaining in the auction, I will be more than merely content if it sells at the high bid it has right now.

So, despite my Mossberg 44US (marked U.S. Property) not selling by its end of auction today, I may yet wind up with some money in my pocket if and when I attend the next Hessney Rod & Gun auction on February 10th. Of course, I am not giving up on the Mossberg 44 selling and it was automatically relisted at the close of auction for it today.

My other Mossberg MVP LR-T does not yet have any bids either but it has about 42 minutes to go - so who knows. It also will be relisted automatically if there are no bids at the close of is auction today.

Nice to know though, that the Polish WZ48 should sell (so long as the high bidder is legitimate).

All the best,
Glenn B

Chillin and Grillin Today

Grilling today - only hotdogs and the buns; the wife already made potato salad and will heat up some kraut. I already put some garlic/horseraddish pickle spears in a bowl for the brave among us. The even braver will slather their dogs with garlic/horseradish mustard - it is hot. Anyway - it all should be good especially since I started chilling/drinking at 5 minutes to 12 tis afternoon (quite unusual for me but I feel so good I may have to change my ways)!!! I deserve that after working most of the week despite being retired.

All the best,