Tuesday, November 3, 2020

It's The Big Day Today...

 ...the one that will determine the course of our nation and her people over the course of the next four years. I do not know about you but I liked the economy booming as it was before the pandemic struck and like what I have heard so far about it beginning to rebound - both things I see as impossibilities under any leadership than our current president - President Donald Trump. I also liked the way things were going for employment (yes that is part of the economy but it deserves special and specific note). Under President Trump - employment was at its highest rate ever as I understand (I could be wrong but it was very high regardless) and it was so for minorities as well as the majority. Just look at the jobs brought back to the USA under his watch. People with jobs are happy people and more products are being made in America and if he is reelected the trend is likely to continue. Then there was and remains the cutback of government regulation - something that would never happen under a democrat president nor under the vast majority of Republican Presidents; I hope you have not forgotten that President Trump, by way of executive order, demanded elimination of two federal regulations for every new one put into effect. Of course, how can one forget judges appointed to the courts by President Trump - judges who are obvious supporters of the Constitution of the United States as opposed to progressive subversives who apparently want to infringe on all of our rights or eliminate them entirely while forming a socialist dystopia. Then there is the handling of terrorism, the elimination of terrorists and pulling many in our military out of harms way. As for our NATO allies he stands by them but he makes them pay their due - no other president in my lifetime that I can remember ever did that. There are many more things I could mention and all of the positives that I see have come about under our current president. I hope you see it too because it is very plain to see if you just open your eyes and your minds.


All the best,
Glenn B