Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Little Bit Of Luck For Christmas

Usually, if not for really bad luck, to mediocre luck at best, I would have no luck at all. That was a little different this Christmas. We did the Secret Santa thing for our second year at it and my brother-in-law, Alex, picked my name out if the hat and so had to get me a present as my Secret Santa. I wrote a few things down in my wish list and one of them was a gift card for

As it wound up, he somehow was told I wanted a gift card from Target's sporting goods department. So, off he went to the local Target store to get one for me. A clerk told him to go to front of store where they had all the gift cards and that was what he did.

That I was when my good luck came into play; there were extremely long lines for the checkout counters and Alex in essence said "to heck with this" and left the store without a gift card for me. He wound up giving me cash and told me the story. He was as surprised to find out I had written down as I was to hear that he almost got me a gift card at a Target store. I cannot even imagine them having a sporting goods section, let alone selling anything firearms related as I planned to get from TargetSportsUSA. I don't know which was the better present, the cash or the good luck but I am very happy I got both. I hope you had as merry a Christmas as did my family and I.

All the best,
Glenn B