Friday, January 31, 2014

Handling Guns & The Little Details That Can Get In The Way

What's wrong in this picture?
Photo source.
You are probably already aware that I am kind of a stickler for firearms safety. So take a look at this pic and tell me - what's wrong in it. Is the young lady to the right giving a hint by pointing her index finger? If you said that the gal holding the gun has her finger on the trigger, yeah, that is wrong AND it should be obvious. Yet there is also something else wrong that may be a little less obvious.

When you handle firearms you have to be aware of what is going on, of potential problems in the making. Imagine if the gal holding the AK was at the range and about to shoulder the rifle to start firing. See a potential problem? I had a jacket once that had an adjustable waist by way of a drawstring like the one in this photo. See it now! 

Mine interfered with both drawing and holstering my handgun whenever it was tightened a bit allowing the drawstring ends to hang down a bit. One time the end of the string got stuck in the holster somehow and when I tried to rip away the jacket to draw, the jacket only moved a couple of inches because the lace held fast to the holster (luckily it was at the range). It took a second to clear but that could be too long. Another time, I tried to holster my pistol and the lace went with it into the holster preventing the pistol from seating properly (maybe the same day at the range). That was it, I cut it and pulled the rest of it out of the jacket from the other side.

In this particular case, should the young lass try to bring the gun to her shoulder to fire, that drawstring may be long enough, or not long enough, to allow her to do so when and if it gets caught under the sight rail (really it is a matter of when). In addition, with her finger already on the trigger, the string getting caught as she raises the rifle to her shoulder could be all it would take to have a negligent discharge. You need to be careful of things like that when choosing your shooting attire and accessories. No it does not take long to clear but the moment that it takes to correct for it, in a self defense situation, could be the moment that the bad guy needs to put you down.

All the best,
Glenn B

Mothers-In-Law, Dentures, Wives & Pliers

Today, the mother-in-law complains that her dentures are hurting her gums and need adjusting. My wife tells me that and asks if I have a pair of narrow pliers. I immediately had the presence of mind to tell her that there is absolutely no way that I am going to try to adjust her mother's dentures. She told me she was going to try to do it. I guess, because she is a dental assistant, she figured she could do it. I got her three pair of needle-nose pliers, a regular pair of pliers, a pair of vice grips and a large hammer. She and her mother got a laugh out of it

Then she tried to adjust them and gave them back to her mother who only complained that they were worse than before (what else could one expect). My wife is claiming she was not able to even budge the metal one little bit and that her mother was being dramatic (that's what she usually tells me when I complain about something). So, tomorrow it will be my luck to have to bring the mother-in-law to the dentist's office, in which my wife works, to have them adjusted. Oh well, I suppose it could be worse, I could have tried to adjust them myself, then when she said they fit even worse than before, I would not have heard the end of it.

All the best,
Glenn B