Sunday, October 22, 2006

A little bit of help from the readers...

...would be nice. No I do not mean financial help, I am not about to ask for money for me to buy a new gun, or a used pick up truck, or to by myself a new camera, or a new pet, or for an operation, or for a trip fund, or anything like that. Heck I work for a living and make decent money - although I will admit I may start begging if I ever get more than about 9 readers a day, and at least one of them is rich.

The help I am seeking is one of product recognition. Again nothing to benefit me financially, allow me to explain. I am trying to find out if anyone recognizes the product I am about to describe, because I sure would like to be able to find it again. Many years ago, I am guessing at least 15 or so, my brother who is not at all into firearms bought me some gun cleaning products. The product consisted of a boxed set of three bottles, all plastic. Each bottle was the same size, about 8 to 10 ounces would be my guess this many years, and far fewer little gray cells, later.

One bottle contained a gun cleaning solvent, it was crystal clear, like water. It had a nice lemony aroma to it. It cleaned a firearm better than any other product I have ever used. I would pout one wet patch through a barrel, and then one dry patch. Then second which usually came out either clean or almost clean. It hardly ever took more than three dry patches to come out clean, and I mean really clean.

The second bottle contained a gun oil. It was a run of the mill gun oil as far as I recall.

The third bottle contained an oil to clean and treat wood stocks. It did nice work, and when rubbed in with plenty of rubbing gave a lasting finish to oil finished or unfinished stocks.

The box, if I remember right was open fronted, at least partially so you could see the bottles. There was no cellophane. I think the box was a dark red, almost like a garnet; with black printing.

The product was manufactured in Vermont.

My guess is my brother got it from a catalogue sale. I do not know for sure, and he does not remember.

Hopefully those are enough clues, if the product is still around, to have someone point me in the right direction.

All help is appreciated; and by the way, if you want to send money because you have nothing better to do with it, I have a mortgage and a college bill that need paying. LOL

All the best,
Glenn B

Yet Another Monster Among Us, but...

...this one may be the judge instead of the convicted child molester. See this article Convicted Sex Offender Chooses Canadian Exile Over Jail, found at You see, if the judge gets his way, and that would also be what the convicted man wants in this case, then the man who apparently was convicted of a sexual offense after having sex with a 15 year old will get out of jail Scott free if he agrees to stay in Canada for 3 years. This is to say the least, an unusual sentence.

I see some major problems with this agreement, and it is not just that it is unusual and therefore probably unconstitutional, not that I would make a stink about it on those grounds regarding a pedophile. The things that bother me about this decision are as follow:

1. This guy, who was a teacher by profession, is a apparently child molester who was arrested for having sex with a 15 year old child, a student. He seems to have broken one of the most sacred trusts. If he was convicted of any kind of sexual abuse in relation to this case, and he had to have been convicted of something in order to be sentenced by the court, then he deserves at the very least to be in jail for a long time. Instead he is not getting any jail time at all, not even the measly 2 weeks that ultra-liberal judge in Vermont sentenced a pedophile to last year. This is absolutely outrageous. The judge, in my opinion, should be removed from power, fired without chance of collecting a pension, and never be allowed to practice law anywhere. In fact he should not be allowed to work with children either.

2. Why on earth would Canada be expected to take this guy? He is quite possibly now a convicted felon, on sexual abuse charges. Why would canada want the chance of him now going after its children? I tend to doubt they would want him even though he was reportedly already living there with his wife and children.

3. How could a judge in the USA, say that this guy is fit to return to his own family in Canada, a family in which there are children? Of course his wife may not let him anywhere near the children again, but who knows.

4. The whole thing in the article about a judge having no authority to banish a U.S. Citizen is so much window dressing. The guy is not being banished, he is agreeing to stay in Canada otherwise he goes to jail. So I want to know, how does a town judge get off allowing a monster like this guy, yes that is how I see him - as monstrous, to make a choice between relative freedom to molest again and jail?

I think the pedophile is not the only monster here, I think the judge is worse than him. As I see it this judge is a disgrace, and I can only hope that Bill O'Reilly grabs hold of this story as he did the similar one in Vermont last year. In that one, mostly due to O'Reilly's hammering of that travesty of justice, the sentence on the Vermont pedophile went from 2 weeks to much more. Maybe this time around, he can get it boosted up to 20 years on the current offender.

I will be attempting to get in touch with Bill O'Reilly on this either by phone or email. If we all do likewise, maybe he will pick up the story and get this one fixed up a bit. I'll also be contacting some of my elected officials to have them put some pressure on this judge as well. This kind of thing has got to stop before we can even think of stopping the pedophiles; I mean how will we ever stop them if judges keep handing out sentences to them that in essence set them free to offend again!

All the best,

Glenn B