Monday, April 6, 2015

My Candidate For A New Character For The Walking Dead

She appears to be made for the role of a kickass female zombie fighter. She has a SS (or chromed) pistol to resist corrosion from all the zombie guts and gore, she has a decent looking harness (and I do mean looking and am not commenting on quality) with pouches for spare mags, she is showing us she can shoot lefty and is obviously a righty (based on how she is wearing the holster) and she has that look in her eyes that makes me think she could get serious about killing zombies (if such were a serious issue).

Furthermore, she smokes - showing she does not give a damn about the health hazards of smoking and who, in their right mind, in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse, would give a shit about the hazards of smoking! In addition, she is a looker. Besides all that, she is wearing the perfect color nail polish for the role!

What in hell is wrong with the Walking Dead folks for not hiring her, or her look alike, to play a major part on the show! Screw Glenn being the only long term Asian on the show and in the group. Why not add someone Asian, sexy and appealing to men (as in straight men).

All the best,
Glenn B