Tuesday, February 3, 2009

One Victory For Taxpayers

That victory would be that the alleged tax cheat Daschle is out! Good riddance. Hopefully he will also resign his seat in Congress (edited: My mistake, I guess he is no longer in Congress having lost his last election). As I see him he is probably a crook and a tax cheat, and does not deserve to be in a seat of authority. I heard a democrat senator today saying how wonderful is Tom Daschle's integrity - I guess that means whoever was saying that just has absolutely no clue as to the meaning of integrity!

My bet is that the calls placed to elected officials had a lot to do with this. I tried calling my senators today and got a busy signal about 30 times each. I also tried to write to the White House but the email would not go through. is that because the new President has changed things and doe snot allow The People to send emails, or maybe because they were so inundated by them today that the systems could not handle all of them.

If you contacted a senator, representative or the president's office to oppose the appointment of Tom Daschle - good for you. We won a small victory today.

All the best,
Glenn B

Economic Stimulus - Let's Get Transparent

I tend to imagine that the politicians involved in the economic stimulus dealing in Congress right now are mostly hypocrites, at least they who are trying to get this bailout (or whatever they want to call it) pushed through so they can give away our billions and billions of tax dollars to the already rich. Here is how I figure it:

1. President Obama and most of the Democrats are all screaming at the rich saying they need to pay more taxes, that is not just that they pay more based upon a flat rate for everyone whereby they make more then of course they pay more, but they want an actual higher tax rate for them. There is already such a rate system in place and they already pay more but that does not matter to the Obamites, they want the wealthy to pay at an even higher rate so the poor will have more - or so they say. The glitch of hypocrisy here is that they also want to give hundreds of billions of our dollars directly to the already rich to bail them out. So they have to pay higher taxes but get to use the taxpayers money in order to do so. Yes folks once the government give the the so called Economic stimulus, any taxes they pay can be paid with that money. So they are getting off absolutely free and who suffers. The middle class will suffer most, the class that socialists have always tried to eliminate.

2. All the politicians are screaming that people need to pay their fair share of taxes, and that means a higher rate for those with more money. Yet two people recently in the limelight have not paid their taxes, at least not until they were caught not paying them. Then they suddenly found the ways and means to cough it up to the tax man, but only so they could get into positions of power in our government. If an IRS employee failed to pay some of his or her taxes over a few years period they would likely be fired and have the case referred to the office of the United States Attorney in the relative district for federal criminal prosecution. I have to wonder, since President Obama apparently favors tax cheats, will the cases of Daschle and Geitner go to the office of the U.S. Attorney for criminal prosecution! You can bet not, anyway I certainly am betting that way; and if by some chance they do - you can bet they actually will not be prosecuted.

3. There has been a lot of talk coming from President Obama's mouth about transparency in government. Okay let's see that in action. Let's see if he and every Congressperson (yes every Senator and every Representative) will allow us to see their stock and bond dealings. Most of them are screaming for us to give our money, in the forms of hundreds of billions of dollars, if not trillions, to all sorts of businesses that are failing. Some of those business, apparently the worst off, include two major automobile manufacturers, many banks, many mortgage companies, many giants in the financial industry - all business who sold stocks and bonds. If the financial bailout (aka: the economic stimulus package) is really such a good thing, then politicians should have faith in these companies in that once they have received stimulus monies they will recover and recover strongly. The proof is in the pudding so to speak so lets see some transparency to the pudding. We should demand, and elected officials - each and everyone of them from the president to the vice president, to the senators to those in the house of Representatives should show us their stock and bond portfolios. Why, because then we would see if they truly believed that the stimulus package would work or not because those who believed it would all be holding stocks and bonds in the companies who need stimulus money. In fact if they are not holding stocks and bonds it would be obvious they have little faith in the stimulus plan, and if they recently sold whatever stocks and bonds they had it would be even more proof to that hypothesis. of course a shrewd one may buy up all the stock he can right before the money is doled out hoping to make a killing when his stocks in a particular company are revitalized by a bailout. That guy should just be arrested outright because such would be a felony conflict of interest. No matter how you look at this the criminal mind can prosper.

Hey wait a minute, what did I just say about criminal minds prospering. That thought goes right back to alleged tax cheats being supported by the president and allowed into high power political appointments. As far as I can see, it is all hypocrisy folks, it is all a scam, if you do not see it you are blind. Maybe you have been blinded by all that pudding, well I say let's force them to make it transparent so we can see for ourselves how much faith these elected officials and political appointees have in their own plan. Call your senators and representatives today and demand transparency and also demand that they vote down the economic stimulus package because all it amounts to is robbing the tax payer!

All the best,
Glenn B