Monday, November 5, 2018

If You Think Right & Don't Vote In This Election...

… it may take a month or three or even six but if you are a shooter you will see the effect as ammo supplies dwindle and ammo prices skyrocket if the Dems will have regained the House. The panic buying will be sure to commence sooner or later. Of course, there are other issues at hand so let me name a few even more important to me than the price of ammo (at least more important for me since I am well stocked right now). These should be important to you too but bear in mind so too should be the price and availability of ammo as without ammo your firearms are worthless and without firearms the control of the government by the people is impossible - they will run tyrannical beyond the wildest imaginations of your minds should they ever figure out how to silence our boomers. But I digress, so here are some of those other important issues:

The Economy - will lose whatever impetus it has going for it as they (the Democrats/Liberals/Leftists wil oppose each and every proposal by President Trump to keep on improving it. And mind you, no matter what Obama claims that he was and remains responsible for improving the economy - it is President Donald Trump who actually had the magic wand that Obama said Trump would need to get the GDP to where it is today.

Reduction of Government Regulation - may cease if the Dems take control because they will oppose whatever Trump does to cut out more of the red tape o government and thus allow us to prosper and to enjoy our rights by way of our exercising our unencumbered liberties.

Nomination of Another Supreme Court Justice - well, not so much the nomination but the successful nomination and actual appointment of justices by President Trump likely will at least become more difficult because they, the Dems, will have control of the House of Representatives and thus will be able to twist the arm(s) of the Senate.

Passage of Any Legislation The President Favors - may take place in the Senate but certainly not in the House. There will be little if any improvement in our nation attributable to passage of legislation.

Rampant Division By Way of Pushing For Diversity - will further destroy our country and its Constitution. Our rights and liberties will be destroyed because we have become ununified due to he left trying to pit everyone against the other by way of their so called celebration of diversity and by their particular form of tolerance (which means being tolerant only for those who want to be different first instead of being unified Americans first).

The Crime Rate Will Go Up - especially violent crime, and even though this may take longer to be effected it will rise because the left supports criminality. They go easy of violent criminals all of the time yet try to make it more and more difficult for law abiding citizens to exercise their rights. If you cannot think of several examples of this - you are blind - but just ask and I will discuss them. A few that pop right up are: illegal aliens invading our nation, illegal aliens remaining within our borders, illegal aliens voting, illegal aliens taking our jobs; the government now having what it calls the right to spy on us by ay of the follow-up laws to the Patriot Act, the government have the right to seize our property without du process, government officials openly trying to turn us into a socialist nation (look at the crime rate in every one of those) and sharing the wealth (in other words taking ours and giving it to ne'er-do-wells, illegal aliens, drug pushers, and sloths). We will become Chicago or California - sooner or later under democrat control.

Health Care - will likely return to exactly what it was under Obama and that was not good. If you want you premiums to skyrocket and if you want to be forced by the government to even have health care - then don't vote.

The President - will be impeached. This is not to say he will be removed from office because I am pretty sure the Senate would never convict him but it will become a possibility. No other president in my lifetime has done as much for this country as had Donald Trump with the possible exception of Dwight D. Eisenhower and if Trump remains in office for a full term and then a second term - he will likely surpass Eisenhower in the good he has done for our nation. One thing about Trump whether or not you like his personality or his flare for being obnoxious at times - he has gotten more done than most presidents combined since Eisenhower and what he has gotten done has actually been for the good of our nation. It all can end though just because you fail to vote. I urge you - vote tomorrow - vote right - vote for the true good of our nation under our Constitution so the true reason for the RKBA never has to come into play - I would hate to see a bloody revolution in my lifetime. Let's get the job done at the ballot box and not from the ammo box.

All the best,
Glenn B