Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just Like That - Up In A Puff Of Smoke...

...and we have lost, at least temporarily, another excellent blogger. Heck, I just found the guy (although he has been around for awhile) and was really enjoying his blog and then for reasons unknown, The Hermit over at 'Smoke signals' decided to call it quits for blogging. He said he will still be reading others blogs just not blogging himself. He will be missed in that regard; he had a great blog chock full of information about guns and planning for survival, and other posts about: family, our military, politics, daily life, movie reviews and other things. I also enjoyed his pics of the area in which he lived.

Plenty of good reading there still to be enjoyed in his past posts that I have not read yet, so I imagine they will keep me busy for a bit.

Oh well, his latest post title was
I'll be off line for awhile. One can only hope that indicates it will be just a temporary hiatus. Hurry back Hermit!

All the best,
Glenn B