Wednesday, October 20, 2010


...H. Christ! You have probably heard that version of Jesus' name many times, I know I have heard it over and over again. I have heard it in heated conversations going on in bars, in surprised statements on the street, in war movies, even at Catholic summer camp and in Catholic School. I have heard it for years but yet I am baffled about that middle initial. So, what I want to know is this: For what does the H stand for?

Any relevant and polite feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Glenn B

John Nosler - in memorium

John Nosler passed away on October 10, 2010. He was 97 years old. To most, the name John Nosler probably means very little but if you are a firearms enthusiast of any degree then you probably are familiar with the last name if not his given name. John Nosler, when in his mid thirties, established what would become one of the premiere bullet manufacturing companies in he world and his family still runs the business today. He is responsible, among other things, for creating the partitioned bullet - a hallmark in ammunition manufacturing and shooting. I will not go into his story in any great depth here because I do not know it that well and anyway, someone else has already written a finer piece about him than than I ever could. Read it over at the Black Bear Blog. See the article

All the best,
Glenn B