Monday, October 30, 2023

Maybe He Had What Mass Murderers Do Not...

That is before he did anything to hurt others. Maybe, he still had good will toward man (or at least some iota of decent regard for the lives of innocents). Thus, maybe, he decided to end his own life without first harming other people. It's all maybes right now, all conjecture  on my part.
There are many other ways that the man - who was found dead, at an amusement park, possibly by his own hand - could have perished. Suicide seems likely but he may have accidently shot himself or someone else may have killed him.The report says he allegedly was armed with a handgun, a rifle, spare magazines for each and had explosives in his car. More at the source
To me, and I venture it is also likewise for many others, the situation seemingly is one of a tragedy narrowly averted.

In time, I expect there will be some follow-up reporting on the results of the ensuing investigation.
All the best,
Glenn B