Monday, May 21, 2007

Carter Slams Bush, Bush Spokesman Slams Back...

...but what America needs is a strong fairly conservative candidate to take over the reigns of power. In fact I almost think carter, for once, got something just about right. Ex-President Jimmy Carter had this to say about the Bush Administration: "I think as far as the adverse impact on the nation around the world, this administration has been the worst in history."

Well my guess would be Carter may be proven correct before too long, but I think the spot of worst administration, at least within my lifetime still goes to Carter's - with Bush's a close second. I also think that a lot of people who had been Bush supporters may feel close to the same as I do on this. I think Bush is doing fair to somewhat good in the war on terror, but I think that is nowhere near enough. His stand on many, if not most, other major issues is abysmal as far as I am concerned. While his pundits shout about how great is our economy, I wonder how will it be when the war bills have piled up, I wonder why gasoline prices are so high when the supply is good to excellent, I wonder why illegal aliens continue to take away the jobs of citizens and of legal resident and non-resident aliens, and I wonder why he recently said our troops don’t deserve a raise in pay. While his staunch supporters rant about how great going is the war on terror I wonder why we are not kicking ass in Iraq and Afghanistan instead of pussyfooting around, I wonder why Islamic Extremists remain within our shores, I wonder why our allies continuously remove troops from our support. While he seems to think it is politics as usual, I wonder why on earth does Bush side time and time again with the leftists on the issue of the 12 million illegal aliens and amnesty for them (even though he is too much of a politician to call it amnesty), why an assault weapons ban is again being considered and he does not speak out against it, why we have to have more than ½ dozen candidates for the nomination running on just the republican side, why the run for the nomination began more than two years before the actual election, why there are so many differences among so called conservatives, why he is even thinking of a North American alliance between the USA, Canada and Mexico which would basically discard our constitution (just look at the EU), and why he has already curtailed the liberties of law abiding citizens by taking shortcuts with the laws on search and seizure.

White House spokesman Tony Fratto responded that: “I think it's sad that President Carter's reckless personal criticism is out there…” What I think is sad is this: he is not a great president, nor a very good one, nor even fair among his predecessors. He, in my personal opinion, stinks as president. I long for a more Reagan-like, or even Nixon-like president at this time of great danger to our nation. The sad truth is I do not see one among the current candidates for the republican nomination. The closest I see to anyone competent enough to be able to take the reigns of power and then ride that steed into battle to get the jobs done would be.: Tom Tancredo, and Fred D. Thompson. Yet both are not exactly whom I would want as the president. Maybe if Newt Gingrich runs it will be better, but will he toss his hat into the ring; I wonder. None of them are perfect, they never are since they are human, but he maybe the best of the lot.

All the best,
Glenn B