Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Always Read The Fine Print

All the best,
Glenn B

It Must Have Been Uncomfortable

Oh my!
All the best,
Glenn B

Missing This Guy

If you don't know, that's is my son Brendan. Living down in AR now, thus the hunting trip tomorrow will be a solo adventure for me. Wish he was going to be with me though, I sure do!
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Hopefully Bad Things Happen In Threes...

...and not one bit more than that. About a week ago or so, my futon in the basement had part of it just fall off. I need a new one or a sofa but am not too sure a sofa can fit through either door that leads to the basement. Either way, I figure at least $400 on that.

Then the big TV in the living room went on the fritz. It looked as if it would cost well over 1.5K for a new comparable one. Luckily in that regard, the wife said she wants a smaller one. I fuond what seems to be a decent one going for about $500 but still - that is a big hit especially when combined with the need for a new futon or sofa.

Then today, the water heater went out. Luckily, or so I thought, it was still under extended warranty. When the repairman was done, he said that will be $432.33 and said it was not under warranty. He said that was because the only thing covered by the warranty is the tank and not other parts like the pilot assembly, the one that needed replacement. I disagreed but he stood by that saying no one warrants any parts other than the tank.

I asked for him to have his manager or the business owner call me because I had my warranty plus the receipt to extend it sitting right in front of me and they seemingly indicated otherwise. The owner calls the repairman and the repairman tells me the owner refused to speak to me and that I owe them $432.33. I almost went through the ceiling.

I asked him to again call the guy and have him speak to me. He calls him again and tells him I am demanding to speak to him, which I did not do because I asked him t please call again. Regardless, it had the right effect and the guy gets on the phone with me. He tries to tell me no one offers warranties on anything but the tank "anymore". I told him I have the original warranty for 6 years tank and 6 years parts and that I also have the receipt showing his company extended my warranty to 10 years for the "water heater"; that was about 9 1/2 years ago. I pointed out it does not say there is a warranty extension for the tank alone, it says for the "water heater"! He said he cannot pull up the paperwork because a fire destroyed all their paperwork sometime in the past. He also said he would have to see both the original warranty and the receipt and then he had the repairman take a picture of each. he said he would be reimbursed by the company that manufactured he water heater. The repair guy left without asking for payment.

When I asked him, before he left, how much the part had been, he said over a couple of hundred. Thus that would make the labor about the same. I figure I am going to get stuck paying for labor but I had better not get stuck paying for the part! If I do get screwed, and they insist I pay for the part too, then it is off to file a claim at small claims court where the filing fee is about $25.00. In other words, if they decide not to honor their 10 year warranty extension, for which they charged me and received payment from me about 9.5 years ago, F-them. I will be a pain in their asses just on principle if it comes to that.

Of course, I may be happily surprised and they may call me tomorrow to tell me that they are covering at least the cost of the part. That would be nice but with all the argument I got from them already, telling me it's not covered, I am kind of doubtful about that. Time will tell though.

Oh yeah, lest I forget, that put a dent in my plans to get everything ready for an early departure on my hunting trip tomorrow. Now, I figure I'll be lucky if I leave home by noon.

Please - stop at three - I don't need anything else going wrong especially at these prices!

All the best,
Glenn B

Going Hunting Tomorrow

I am planning on leaving early (for me) tomorrow. I am hoping to get on the road by 6 or 7. That probably means it will be more like 9 or 10 even though last time I hoped for the same, I wound up leaving at about 2PM. There is a difference this time, I have been sorting and collecting my hunting gear since around 0930; and though I write this while on a break, I am still at it - last time I got ready on the day I left. So this time, things should be all packed in the car this evening and ready to go for tomorrow except for my firearms. Those I will pack just before I depart, no sense in leaving them in my car overnight potentially for someone to steal.

I'll be bringing my crossbow as tomorrow and Friday are still with the part of the bow season that allows crossbow use. I am also bringing my Ruger Redhawk in 44 Magnum, my Marlin 336 in 35 Remington, my Remington 870 12 gauge and maybe - just maybe my Savage Axis in 308 Winchester. Why so many - why not? Anyway, I like redundancy and in the event of catastrophic failure of the Marlin it would be nice to have a back up rifle. Sure I could go to the 870 as a back-up but I am planning on using that only for small game hunting if I score a deer and or bear early; that is mostly due to a shoulder thing. Of course, just about anyone would be happy to have all that in the event of a zombie apocalypse (have to keep an open mind). I also hope to get in some target shooting if I can find a range. Oh, I forgot one, my carry pistol is also coming along.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that no one has taken the 6 pointer I missed with my crossbow about a week and a half ago. That would be a decent take especially with the crossbow. Taking along my trail cam too and thinking of just leaving it there until the late muzzle loader season (when I can again hunt with my crossbow) and picking it up then. Got a nice few shots of the 6 pointer I missed right at the apple tree that I had spent most of my time set up near but he was there about an hour after sunset. Who knows, maybe he will stop by during daylight one day this time around; he certainly is active during the day as witnessed by me getting off shots at him last time. I will have up to 5 days on this trip to bag one - wish me luck please.

Got to get my stuff packed away so have to go for now. Hope that if you are hunting you have the best of luck.

All the best,
Glenn B