Friday, September 10, 2021

If Someone Put A Bullet In His Brain...

 ...and wiped out the life of the totalitarian wanna-be Joe Biden, I'd not mind all that much, in fact it might make me do a happy dance. Now mind you, I am not condoning violence nor am I, in absolutely any way, trying to suggest that anyone even consider doing violent things to him to make me happy (or for any reason). I am just telling you how pleased I'd be if this mindless puppet of the ultra-left, the man who apparently would be be dictator (if he only had a brain), would go away as in forever (and take Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer and several others with him). He could just vanish into thin air or die from Covid-19 or have a debilitating stroke or be diagnosed with dementia and found to be ubnale to remain in office - any of those things or others could potentially bring a smile to my face and an even bigger one if his entourage of leftist flunkies went with him. So why mention something as extreme as a bullet in his brains? Because him being gone, for whatever reason, would make me smile just because of the fact he'd no longer be ruining the United States of America and because I feel that strongly about him being gone for the good of our nation (no violence against him being condoned or suggested by me or my words). To make it completely obvious to all of you, that is my opinion because I think he has commenced the destruction of our constitutional republic.
Some may ask, why is that my opinion. At least as I see him - he is a hypocritical tyrant, or trying to become one, who has no to little regard for the good of the nation; or should I say he is being manipulated to act like one by those who pull his strings. There are many things he has done, or not done, that make me think so from: the botched departure from Afghanistan, to pulling out most of our troops before civilians, to leaving citizens behind there, to getting our military personnel killed when there was zero reason to trust the Taliban who were responsible for releasing ISIS-K members from prison, to closing Bagram Air Base before pulling our civilians and most of our troops, to our super inflated economy, the devaluation of the dollar, the seemingly unstoppable waves of illegal aliens crossing our borders under his administration then blaming it on Trump, to a promise of rampant government spending in the trillions of dollars to which they want to add additional trillions in spending, to welfare at an all time high, promised and almost assured huge tax increases and to Biden incessantly blaming all of his own failings on President Trump - even though Biden has been in office now almost 8 full months. Of course, there is his inept handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and the vaccination program or should I say vaccination mandate. Let me continue on the subject of the vaccines.
I pretty much am all for vaccines, I believe they are a wonderful tool of medicine and that while they may have unwanted side effects, sometime even resulting in death for a relative few, they have done much to tame, if not actually eradicate, some diseases that have plagued mankind for centuries if not millennia. Thus I have gotten vaccines for: polio, chicken pox (I think but not sure on that one),  shingles, pneumonia, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis A & B, yellow fever and typhoid (the last two prior to 2 work trips to Haiti, along with taking anti-malaria meds on those trips). I may also have gotten the measles, mumps, rubella vaccine but am uncertain as I definitely had a form of measles and supposedly had mumps twice when younger; still though I think that after those I got that vaccine for some reason, maybe before my son was born. Anyway, my point is I am not afraid of vaccines, I believe they are a great help. That is why, even after suffering through and surviving Covid-19 last winter, I got the Moderna version of the Covid-19 vaccine that March. It was a bit concerning getting a vaccine that had not yet and remains not fully tested (even though the FDA has approved it with lightning speed not only as experimental but now as with their complete blessing so to speak). No ill effects yet of which I am aware except the aches, pains and slight fever for about 2 days with each of the two doses I received.
There are many folks though who refuse to get the vaccines, any version of them. They are scared or at least concerned for whatever reason or lack of reason such as conspiracy theories that Bill Gates is trying to control their minds (more likely their pocketbooks as I see it - anyone remember pocketbooks), the government is trying to turn us all into zombies or mindless slaves, governments are trying to kill off the elderly, this is out 12 Monkeys moment and the vaccines will kill us all or whatever. Others will not take it dues to religious concerns. Some others due to valid health concerns, other due to imaginary ones. Then there is the politics - many conservatives saying that forcing people to take the vaccine is unconstitutional and a violation of our rights (and it may well be so) and of course there are those who will not take it because they do not trust president Joe Biden as far as they can spit into a 100 mile per hour gust of wind and who can blame them he is such a screw-up of a seemingly mentally ill person. 
Of course, Biden trying to ram the vaccine almost literally up peoples other ends is also one of the problems. It was less than a year ago, during the presidential debates and campaigning that Joe Biden in effect said: he would not take any vaccines for Covid-19 if one was produced because while he trusted scientists &  doctors he did not trust president Trump who was pushing its production through at unheard of lightning quick speed. Thus Biden immediately turned millions of leftists against taking the vaccines because he turned it into an anti- Trump political issue. Now though that Biden is president, suddenly the vaccine is safe in his eyes and he touts its effectiveness and has ordered that millions of American must take it such as those in our military, those in the executive branch of the government, those who work for government medical facilities AND he has mandated that any employer with over 100 employees must order their employees to take it or face what I believe is weekly testing (source)! President Trump wanted it and it was evil in Biden's eyes - Biden wants it and it essentially is the law of the land his wanna-be tyrant's eyes and the lefties praise him for it while they too, just last year, had rallied against the vaccine becasue it had been promoted by President Trump!
While he may have mandated it, I do not recall seeing that Biden has ordered every member of Congress or of the Supreme Court, and the staffers of both, to take it. (Yes, I understand separation of powers but I also understand the constitution and it grants him zero specific power to force non-military citizens to take it and maybe no even the authority to force military personnel to take it.) I also have kind of noticed, maybe you have too, he has not ordered Afghan refugees to take it nor has he ordered any of the tens or thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of illegal aliens who are rampantly pouring across our borders to take it. Why has he not ordered every one of them to be vaccinated? It is politics pure and simple, because if he ordered every illegal to be forced to take it - illegal immigration would slow to a trickle and future hoped for democrat voters would be lost.
Yet, it is (in his eyes) okay for him to order an inconclusively and only slightly somewhat tested vaccine - in fact one of any of the 3 virtually unproven versions currently available - into our veins as he and the leftists now see it. That has been the case though only since President Trump has not been the one pushing for vaccinations. Had Trump remained in power, the biggest antagonists of the vaccine program would have remained leftists. Mind you, this is not an issue I am blaming solely on the left. Those on the right are almost just as guilty. Some on the right thought vaccines were good when Trump was in and now think they are bad because Biden is in. Most though, at least I think so, believe vaccines are good but should be voluntary. 
Maybe they should be voluntary with Covid-19 as with the flu. The Novel Corona virus, and all its strains to date, have come nowhere close to being as bad as a truly terrible flu pandemic - not in number of cases nor deaths. Yet - as to those folks who say it should be voluntary - I wonder if they ever have seen the crippling effects of polio. I did when working in Haiti; so, some forced vaccinations would be just fine by me but only when absolutely necessary to end a horrible disease that is a truly terrible threat to all mankind. 
So, I am none too sure though that these current vaccines need to be forced and neither I think really are any of the so called save us all medical experts, power hungry politicians or control freak bureaucrats. Why not - well, because no one seems to have much of a clue about how bad is the current virus in reality. Other viruses, that have fairly effective vaccines to combat them do not require folks to receive forced vaccinations or wear don masks by mandate - the flu being the prime example. The experts, politicians & bureaucrats mostly seem to be using the virus scare and the vaccine, portrayed as a wonder drug, to their political benefit. Just look to Dr. Fauci. He, like Biden, has changed his mind so many times about the virus, masks and vaccines as to make one's head spin more than that of Regan MacNeil, so much so it makes me want to puke.

Me, I will take a booster shot when and if it comes out that they, the medical professionals other than those into politics, think it is safe. I'll take the risk weighed against the risk of getting the virus again as I see the risks. You, I think you should be allowed to do as you please with your body. It's just as all the leftists, including Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer and all the others say about a woman's body when it comes to abortion - isn't it? It's supposedly the woman's body (with no concern to the life she is killing) to do with as she wants; so, why isn't it your body (regardless of anyone else getting sick & maybe dying) to do with as you want when it comes to vaccinations? By the way, that really is a rhetorical question, I was making a point and if you missed it because you are a lefty extremist or a righty extremist - well then you missed it. It really does not need an answer because the answer is - because of purely politicized bullshit. Damn, I'd like to see the current whole administration,and quite a few RINOs, gone in a huge puff of smoke and the reflections of a thousand shattered mirrors (no violence being suggested nor condoned).
All the best,
Glenn B