Sunday, December 27, 2015


...and all the assholes that come with them. I am happy the so called holiday season is halfway over and am truly looking forward to it being over. Thank god New Year day is the last one for quite the while (no I do not celebrate the year of the many or scaly critter, aka: lunar new year). One more holiday weekend and then there is nothing for me to celebrate until Ground Hog Day. I celebrate that one because almost no one else does, at least around where I live. Ground Hog Day is the definitely the best one - no pressure at all, no gift buying or giving, no big dinner, no asshole relations over for whom you have to act nice even though you despise them, no trips to see anyone, you don't even have to wish anyone a happy this or merry that - there is no anything, unless you want to do it for yourself and yourself alone (well, and maybe for the rodent known as the Ground Hog). Thus the reason I will celebrate it better than all the rest. Even Festivus cannot compare to Ground Hog Day - not in any way, shape or form. Ground Hog day is most certainly the best of all holidays! As for the rest of em, fuck them.

Yeah, that's right something put me in a foul mood this holiday season, the same thing that can put me in a foul mood any day of the year - and she does not even have to try. The holiday season sucks regardless of how bad she makes it though, I am finally convinced of that (the holidays need no help from her at all, but oh how she can make it worse).

All the best,
Glenn B