Monday, June 6, 2011

Weiner Lets It all Hang Out - Confesses He Sent Pics, Covered It Up Wth Lies

Representative Anthony Weiner is a bit like President Clinton. When faced with allegations that he did something improper of a somewhat sexual nature, he, like Clinton, vehemently denied it. Same as the republican who got caught in the stall tapping his foot as a form of sexual advance. At least President Clinton apparently was not a pervert seeking sex in a men's room and did not send out pictures of his bulging barely clad private parts over the Internet; Clinton kept it restricted to extramarital affairs which while not the best of things to do were not sexual perversions. I can understand a guy like Pres. Clinton even though I cannot accept his lying to the American People about his sexual exploits - he should have just fessed up. I mean, people have extra marital affairs all the time. Maybe not a good thing but usually not a perversion.

Well, Weiner has confessed, finally. The talk is that there were other pics, of him, about to be released - maybe that spurred him on, who knows. Here is a link to a video of the confession:

What Weiner did, in my opinion, was a bit perverted. My guess is that he got some sort of a thrill, not from having sex with several young women with whom he became acquainted over the Internet, but by sending out pictures of himself that were either sexually suggestive or risqué. I think it is kind of like a flasher using modern technology to flash himself. What galls me with Weiner is that he says he will not step down from his political office and that he will probably receive support from the left. My bet is that some on the left will make him out to be a martyr while others will make him out to be a hero for finally fessing up and yet others will see he gets reelected. What a shame if that happens. Not a shame because he committed what I think was a minor act of perversion, that could be easily forgiven had he admitted it and then sought out therapy. It is a shame, I think, because he apparently created a fantastic prevarication about how someone else was responsible for sending out the picture, the one he could not say with certitude was or was not of his underpants covered bulging crotch. In other words he tried to steer the blame away from himself, even if it would have been proved that the picture was indeed of him, to someone else for sending out the photo. All I can say is thank goodness there was no ready dupe on which he could lay the blame. While I don’t think it was right, I can understand him doing it, can understand him at first denying it, but have a really difficult time with him trying to blame it on a nonexistent third party. No wonder he did not call in the police, he could have been charged with making a false statement to the police had he told them his fabrication during an official investigation. I have to wonder, do we really need someone like that in Congress, I think not.

All the best,
Glenn B