Saturday, July 2, 2016

Free Shooting Lessons Offered Again

I guess it could use repeating as I have not posted it anywhere in all too long:

I offer free shooting lessons to those adults seeking legal firearms instruction and who can legally possess the firearms and ammo with which they want to shoot.

I am and always have been very open as to whom I would be willing to teach with certain reservations. So, bear in mind I reserve the right to tell you to go fuck yourself and tell you to seek instruction elsewhere for any reason whatsoever. Those reasons could include things like me merely not liking you. They also could include the fact that you creep me out for whatever cause such as I think you are up to no good. For example, if you show up wearing a T-shirt that says 'Death To All Jews', or an 'I Love Hillary' button, or wearing a shirt emblazoned with an image of Stalin, Hitler, Mao or Che, or in any way indicate that America sucks, or I see your Facebook page or other social media contains seemingly whacko ideas of your own, or you show up and hold an argument with yourself in front of me, or creep me out in any way for any reason (valid or not), then you can just forget about it.

On the other hand, if you are of sound enough body and mind (in my opinion) and a liberal, conservative, libertarian, moderate of any of those parties, of any faith (and not an extremist) who allows for others to celebrate their own faith or lack of it, an atheist or agnostic who believes in freedom of religion, a male, a female, a hermaphrodite, a black or brown or white or red or yellow skinned person (or any other color) and want to learn to shoot responsibly and safely then see my profile and click my email link to contact me if interested in free lessons.

You may have noticed I did not mention LGBT folks above. I am not one of those overnight wonders, who suddenly after the terrorism at the gay bar in Orlando have become willing to teach LGBT shooters. In fact, I did not at all mention sexual preference and that is because I do not give a shit about yours and I do not want to know yours. If you show up and start telling me how wonderful it is love someone of your own or the other gender or while wearing outrageous and inappropriate clothing for a range day, forget about it because these are supposed to be firearms lessons not sex education nor sexual preference in everyone else's face day. They simply are not a manner by which to express your sexuality, so don't come for firearms lessons and expect to do so dressed looking and acting like you are on a certain cross-dresser's glamour show. 

I don't care about your preferences and they have no place in this type of instruction; they never have. As I said though, I welcome all (with reservations like those mentioned) as long as you are there to learn and are serious about it. So, as always with me, you are welcome regardless of sexual preference as long as you are not a pedophile or other type of sexual predator. The same goes for political agendas, religious views and so on; don't ask to get free firearms instructions from me and then show up expressing anything but a serious and dedicated interest to learning how to shoot. In addition, if it is in any way illegal for you to possess firearms or ammo - forget about it.

If you do want to come here are what you can expect. I give free firearms instruction to new shooters or those new enough who want to improve their shooting. Don't show up expecting sniper school, this will be the basics and a bit beyond. Also, don't show up expecting this to be akin to receiving welfare; I do not pay anything toward you learning how to shoot. Although I can supply certain rifles and shotguns (no handguns in NY state), you should supply your own rifle or shotgun if at all possible. I strongly recommend a bolt action rifle in 22 Long Rifle caliber for beginners. If you want to learn handgun, you must have a pistol license if in NY and you must have your own handgun. I do not supply free ammunition, ammo prices over recent years have made that cost prohibitive for me; bring your own ammo and make sure it is the right caliber for your gun. I also do not supply free targets or range time. You pay for your range fees, I will pay for mine (or let you pay for them if you want) and you bring your own targets or get them at the range.

Expect at least 15 to 30 minutes of oral instruction before you even touch a gun if being instructed by me. You will have to exhibit a decent understanding of firearms safety before I allow you to handle a firearm while I am instructing you. Safety is of the utmost importance, you may be willing to shoot yourself in the foot but I am not willing to be shot by you or anyone (and others at the range will feel likewise). If I deem you unsafe the lesson will be terminated immediately. There are outdoor and indoor ranges available within an hour of my location (Nassau County, NY) that we can use but I would much prefer an indoor range. I can, in some very limited instances, travel outside of NY to give free firearms instructions; ask me about that in an email to me.

If you are interested, you can visit my profile page and click on the link to contact me by email.

All the best,
Glenn B

How I Wish I Lived In A Pro-Gun Rights State

I have put in several job applications over the past few days. As I said in an earlier post I cannot stand my current job because it entails assisting essentially illegal aliens whom the Obummer Administration has made legal without proper vetting. Anyway, no replies to my applications yet, I suppose most though would come, if they do at all, after the Independence Day weekend.

The jobs I have put in for are nothing special. I have few special skills that are useful in the workforce except in law enforcement. of course, I have one skill at which I believe I am pretty darned good, one that I could use in a gun free state to help me find employment and that is the fact that I have been a certified firearms instructor for many years. Here in NY though, while not impossible to find employment that requires those skills, it is almost so. Heck, I cannot even instruct folks how to shoot a pistol here unless they have a pistol license and own their own handgun. NY considers it illegal for me to hand my pistol over to another adult to let them shoot it. The insanity an the paranoia of the anti-gun leftists in NY is amazing. Thus, I will likely settle for a job that is not necessarily one I will like.

All the best,
Glenn B