Saturday, December 13, 2014

Holy Gift Giving Geezers, Batman

Yes folks, I am a geezer and a gift giver (as are we all) but I am holy (as relative to my past me) because I am already wrapping my Christmas gifts and writing out my Christmas cards for this year. If that does not make me saintly (this year), then nothing does. That if only because I have never done anything else that might qualify me for that honor.

Yes, I am writing Christmas cards two weeks before Christmas instead of only days before (or days after) Christmas as I usually wind up doing. I also have completed all of my really necessary Christmas shopping; well with the exception of only a few gifts for some people whom I suppose should receive something from me. That is amazing for me - this early in the season.

Of course, as has been usual for the past 47 years or more, I have to shop on Christmas Eve, otherwise it would not be Christmas the next day as far as I am concerned. I usually save that shopping spree for an extra present for my wife and or kids. Otherwise, I am pretty much finished. I think I need presents for only two people in my family for whom I have not gotten them already! That is pretty damned good for me this early. Add to that, the fact that, today, I wrapped most of the ones I already bought and I could be a saint.

Even if it does really not come close to qualifying me for sainthood, it makes me feel good and quite satisfied with my own efforts this year.

Whatever - hope you are
having half as good a day as me,
Glenn B

I Cracked Open My Golden Monkey Tripel Ale At 1203 Hours Today...

...and am still nursing it. Since it is a 1 pint, 9.6 fluid ounce sized ale, that is almost understandable, that is the still nursing it part is almost understandable, if you think having one that early is bad, go screw yourself. I am almost ready for a second one but I suppose most would be well into their second one by now.

It is a Golden Monkey Tripel from the Victory Brewing Company of Downington, PA. It has 9.5% alcohol content and is a spiced ale. It is damned good too and it is reliable in that regard as I can testify after having enjoyed them several times now! I have to hand it to the brewers at Victory, they have a winner with this one. It also has a darned good price, selling for about $5.79 a bottle (if I remember right) at Costco as opposed to most finer ales, with that high an alcohol content, they sell that go for about $8 to $15 a bottle.

I am not the only one thinking it is a great tasting ale, look to this link for a review with all that fancy shit about how its flavor (it tastes like great ale to me):

All the best,
Glenn B

Somehow, I Think She Just Doesn't Understand The Meaning Of Virginity

It may be be a well meant gesture on her part to have her virginity 'restored' but it sure seems to me that Brazil's Miss BumBum winner simply does not comprehend the meaning of virginity or the word nevermore. She simply does not understand that no matter what she (or her doctor) does now, she will never again be a virgin. Virginity - it's here until it's gone and then as quoth the Raven - "nevermore".

More (as in additional info, not virginity) here.

All the best,
Glenn B

"Your Whole Goal Is To Protect The United Sates Of America...

...its Constitution and its liberties."

He may have been the last Congressman to actually get it and now he is gone - retired. We have lost a good one.

Hat tip to Peter Q for sending me the video.

All the best,
Glenn B

As Much Fun As Sex?

Well if not, then it sure must be some good foreplay!

All the best,
Glenn B