Thursday, February 25, 2021

I Have Disposed Of All My Firearms Save One

Thus, I no longer carry a firearm. Since Joe Biden was elected, I have come to see the wisdom of his anti-gun crusader like rhetoric and have had an epiphany of sorts - it was like waking from a terrible dream to see the light of Paradise with Joe welcoming me to everlasting bliss. Can you say it with me: "Halleluja brothers & sisters, the only gun I need now is a double barreled shotgun to scare off would be home invaders and soon - I am sure - I and we will no longer need them". So with my thanks to Joe, I have disposed of all my other guns as I do not need them and thus no longer carry as the DB shotgun is only for home defense. I feel so much better now, truly I do. It's like I have been freed from the burden of ever having to defend myself, loved ones, innocent bystanders or our Constitution. It's like the weight of lead has been lifted from my soul. 

 Doesn't Joe wish it was actually so!

The truth is: All of the things I just mentioned, that I sarcastically said I've been released from the burden of protecting, are ones I will continue to defend; of course that means, I will remain armed as is my right. I am sure though that soon: many people, almost all firearms (ammo too) and the foundation of our law & government will be decreed as obsolete (or will be taxed to hell &  back) by Joe Biden, his followers and of course by his puppet masters (who will only come out of the shadows if they are successful but only sneaking out long after that). 

They are already trying to deem any of us, with political thoughts other than theirs, to be akin to The Obsolete Man by way of wanting to "reprogram us" (source), by cutting us (and our ideas) off from social media (common knowledge by now), by eliminating books they deem offensive (allegedly happening see this source but I have not seen other sources), by attempting to pressure television companies to eliminate access to conservative news media (source) - and then what? What will come next will quite possibly be either total elimination or assimilation or maybe something else but it most definitely will not be acceptance or tolerance of the right by the left!

Once we either have been eliminated or assimilated, the Constitution will be discarded or changed - so hideously as to be unrecognizable compared to its current form - by the current administration and replaced with a one party tyrannical manifesto akin to communism or nazism (I know, it is supposed to be in caps but why bother capitalizing evil).

Carry on and forever.

By the way, if you did not watch the full clip above, watch it all the way to end. What Rod Serling says is true today as it was then. Better yet, watch the entire episode: It's Season 2 - Episode 29, of The Twilight Zone (source). If you do not have possible access via something like Netflix or Amazon prime, you can purchase the episode at YouTube here. It truly is among the best of the best and Burgess Meredith, in the lead role, was outstanding as usual. Then again, Fritz Weaver, who played the chancellor, did a pretty good job too.

All the best,
Glenn B