Saturday, December 15, 2012

Someone's Idea Of Their Dream AR-15?

It is certainly not mine. I might go for accessorising an AR by adding a flashlight or maybe a glass or red-dot optics but that would be about it. I am hoping that the pictured AR-15 was done up that way as an advertisement or a movie prop since I could never see anyone, except maybe Arnold Schwarzenegger, carrying one. Even then, Arnold would only carry one of those in a movie. 

Talk about overkill, I'd probably get a hernia just trying to pick it up let alone trying to hold it steady to get off a good shot. Chances are the bipod would snap, if you moved it back and forth a bit while sighting in, what with all the weight pressing down on it. Then again, it might snap my spine if I tried to walk a few miles while carrying it - or I'd at least sprain something anyway. Nor can I imagine trying to engage anyone in a firefight with that thing, I get too confused as to which sighting system to use. I guess when you've got a lot of money and a wild imagination something like that looks great. Thing is, I figure I be the one getting killed if I ever tried to engage a bad guy with it. Definitely not for me but to each his own I suppose!

All the best,
Glenn B

Brigade GunLeather M-1 Hoplon, The Holster I Want For My Remington R1 1911...

...but of course, as my luck would have it, the holster maker has suspended taking orders due to having too many orders already! The holster I want can be seen, along with many others they make, on this page for Brigade GunLeather:

Now, I know it would be quicker to just give you the link to the particular holster I want, and I will do that in a moment, I am only linking to that page because it shows the 'no orders for now notice' at the top of the page.

Brigade GunLeather M-1 Hoplon
The holster I would like to get from them, once they start taking orders again, is the M-1 Hoplon. It would be the one in the photo and at this link:

I like almost everything about this holster and only have a slight reservation about the type of belt slot on the backside of the holster. I am used to a flat one not one that sticks out like that but it will do because this is the only holster I can find that meets all of my other criteria. It is similar to the Bianchi Askins' Avenger (I have one of those for my Beretta 92FS pistols) in design of: the holster body, open muzzle end, extra leather strip at front of holster mouth, and the location of its belt slots. It has the addition of a thumb break design which is a very big plus over the Bianchi Askins' Avenger. It also has a lower cut front than the Bianchi Askins' Avenger - neither a big plus or minus for me but it may wind up making my draw a bit faster from it than from the Askins' Avenger. I am debating getting it lined or unlined.

I have sent the company an email requesting that they put me on their list of customers in waiting. I am going to call them this coming week to see if they can give me an idea of when they expect to be taking orders again.

I have done a lot of searching on the Internet for the type of holster I wanted. I have a Don Hume holster (sorry I cannot recall the model and don't have it handy to check on it) for a Glock 19 (used to be one of my issued guns). It was of a very similar design and was the holster I wore for the most years while a federal agent. Like a Bianchi Askins' Avenger, the Don Hume rode pretty high, fit snug to the body, had the added leather around the front of the holster mouth, had an open muzzle end, and was a well made production holster. I liked that holster more than any other I have ever worn, even more than the Askins' Avenger (which I believe is of somewhat slightly higher quality overall) if only because the Don Hume holster had the addition of a the thumb break retention strap. I imagine that the Brigade GunLeather M-1 Hoplon, which as I said has the thumb snap retention strap, would be similar to and possibly exceed the Don Hume, if not also the Bianchi, in quality of workmanship and materials. I hope so since I will be ordering one if they can make it for the Remington R1 1911 (which they do not list but they do list the 1911 5" model and I believe the Remington R1 1911 fits that bill). I can only hope that the holster is as impressive in the flesh as it looks on their website. If I do get it and like it, I will ask if they can make it for the Beretta 92FS also and get one for them too if they say they will make it. Yes I have two of the Berettas but I will only get one of these holsters for the 1911 and one for one of the Berettas as I am not a Nelson Rockefeller or a Bill Gates in the finances department. The one for the 1911 will come first and foremost so I can start carrying that pistol, as soon as feasible, in excellent leather.

All the best
Glenn B

Is Evil Caused by The Devil

I believe in evil but in none of the figures that many believe allow it to take place. Evil was, has been, is and will be caused by human beings and not by imps, demons, the Devil, Satan, Lucifer or any other such excuses for humanity's failings. Mankind is the only force behind it, let's put the blame squarely where it belongs. If you want to bring religion into it, then I would blame God since he created evil (as the creator of all things) and allows it to continue and has allowed it to continue ever since the creation of mankind if not before with the creation of Lucifer. (I am sure others in other religions believe in other causes of evil than the devil but I use that one as an example because of my Catholic upbringing; to me they are all the same - just excuses for our actions.)

I believe that evil is caused by mankind and nothing else. I have never seen a devil, an imp, Satan, or anything like them sitting on any one's shoulder tempting anyone to to do bad or evil things and I have seen more than my share of evil people being evil and doing evil things. To say that the devil made someone do it is, to me, just the same as saying God made someone do it because God created and tolerates the devil or otherwise is helpless to overcome evil. I believe that evil is bred, born and nurtured by mankind within mankind with no help needed or ever given from outside forces and that evildoers should never be given an excuse for their evil acts by way of saying that, in essence, the devil made them do it. The responsibility and the causes of evil are all squarely on the shoulders of the evil doers because they have chosen to do evil. Mankind needs no outside forces to do evil and we need to admit that if we ever truly want to get a handle on it.

All the best,
Glenn B