Tuesday, August 1, 2023

I Keep Up The Hope That It Would Start Already

 The it to which I refer is the damned Zombie Apocalypse. It's going to start sooner or later; so, it may as well begin when there actually is a zombie in charge (well in as much charge as is allowed to a puppet anyway) with thousands of his minion around him and tens of millions more of them spread out across the country.

Yeah, yeah, yeah - I know, I've posted that video before or a copy almost exactly like it (the other one was just a bit longer on each end). The thing about posting it again and again and yet again is that Hope springs eternal! Thus, one can hope that those of us who are not democrats zombies, just like the surviving humans in the zombie movies and shows, will have plenty of food & water stocked up with some decent amount of medical supplies as well. Of course, one can only hope that we also would have lots of firepower once it commences!

All the best,
Glenn B