Saturday, March 16, 2019

Much Said About The Mosque Shooting In New Zealand...

...but all I can say about the actual shooting that took place is that it was abhorrent. Of course, I find every act of violence committed in the name of Islam (or any religion or political position) just as abhorrent and some even much more so when one considers the torture that often is inflicted on the victims. Other than defending oneself, one's family & loved ones or while protecting an innocent third party - shooting to kill another person is nothing other than a heinous act of despicable violence. 

That said, the only other thing I can say, not about the shooting itself but about what is to come is this: Beware of copy cat shooters. You probably could place some safe bets that it will happen again soon in another country that has a fairly large Muslim population because of the simple truth that people around the world are fed up with the Islamic agenda. Be it Germany, England one of the Nordic countries, in the Balkans or the United States, I  think it a high likelihood it will happen again.

All the best,
Glenn B