Monday, July 24, 2017

Don't Drive Under The Influence

I have tried not to do so over many years now. I will admit, I have done it before but hypothetically speaking, if not for having done it once recently, then I would also say it has not been for many many years. In that recent hypothetical instance, I wound up going out and getting so drunk that I did not even do what I normally would have done if I got drunk and had my car. That would have been to sleep it off in the car. Hell, have not even done that in years because I usually get plastered at home or at a bar within walking distance. Otherwise there are taxis and public transport; heck when down in AR visiting my son we took cabs to bars. Anyway, I know, my hypothetical case has no excuse and it will not happen again hypothetically or otherwise especially after the hypothetical talking down I got from my wife. No harm done but that was hypothetical luck!

For a young lady in CA though, things were different. A report says she was driving under the influence while making a video of herself at the wheel. Watch the video and take a good look at her face when she says "Woooo...". She looked plastered to me, very much so. She loses control of the vehicle right then. The car rolled, winding up in a field. The report says her sister, who was in the back seat not wearing a seat belt was ejected from the car and died due to her injuries. The girl evidently continues to make the video and live stream it. More at the source including the video with audio. Had it imbedded here but removed it cause it came out very small and the audio just kept playing whenever I opened my blog, could not stop it without removing it.

Notice one thing in the video, the driver was seemingly so intoxicated as to the point she stood there watching her sister die, while recording herself talking about it, instead of dropping the camera and attempting to render first aid. At least the other woman/girl in the video seems to be attempting to flag down help by waving her arms in the air as the driver evidently continues making a video with narration. What the fuck is wrong with the youth of America today - no matter how drunk - why was making the video and talking about herself her apparent first priority throughout this tragic event in which her sister died! 

I never want to be that drunk and if this video is not enough to convince me, you or anyone not to get intoxicated and drive, then maybe nothing could do so.

Be careful out there.

All the best,
Glenn B