Monday, September 8, 2014

The Cold War II

I don't think he can blame it on George W. Bush but president Obama may yet find a way to weasel out of the responsibility for starting what may just become the second edition of the Cold War.  Russian bombers have been reported as practicing strategic air strikes, with cruise missiles, on the US from air space near Canada. The practice runs began only after a Russian general recently pushed the Kremlin to change its classification of the United States to that of enemy.

Now let's see - who is the pansy in the White House who has been patting his own chest and rattling his umbrella while telling the Russians that he is to be obeyed as to what he says about Russia's invasion of the Ukraine but who fails to back it up with anything other than wimpish sanctions. Yes you guessed it - and it's not GWB. If this is a prelude to the Cold War II, I can only hope history correctly records who started it - Barack Hussein Obama - the worst president ever.

All the best,
Glenn B

Talk About Chutzpah...

...I don't think it could get more brazen than claiming you were running a prostitution ring in order to save Israel. The whoremasters who ran the prostitution ring, reportedly members of a messianic sect in Israel, reportedly were brainwashing women into believing that they would be helping preserve the future of Israel by way of prostitution. Of course, it is also reported that the holy-men turned pimps who made that claim were actually pocketing the money - but what else would you expect after all a shekel earned is a shekel saved. Being that those who ran this operation were members of a messianic sect, one has to wonder if they told the women that they would be helping the messiah come again.


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Armed & Ready Citizen - Shots Fired - Vet Shoots Armed Robber During Hand To Hand Combat

Lennard Patrick Jervis probably never realized that the guy he reportedly was about to attempt to rob was a WWII veteran of the Pacific Theater. He probably never once imagined that 89 year old Robert M. Lewis was anything but an easy mark. So he reportedly walked into Lewis' jewelry store, pulled out a gat and announced a holdup at close quarters to Lewis. Lewis being no newbie when it comes to armed combat (in addition to his WWII service he also had a gunfight with an armed robber in 2010) immediately reached out and grabbed hold of Jervis' pistol, then he drew his own, a life or death struggle ensued and shots were fired by both men.

Jervis was struck by six bullets from Lewis' gun. Four to the chest, one to a wrist and another to one of his legs. Jervis also fired his gun at Lewis. Luckily, Lewis was only grazed by a single bullet. Jervis then stumbled toward the door to try to escape and asked Lewis to buzz him out and Lewis obliged; he later explained that he had had enough of Jervis. Jervis' accomplice drove him away, intent on taking him to a hospital, but she stopped at a police station along the way to seek assistance because she thought Jervis was about to die. Sadly (in my view), it is reported he is expected to live. (source)

The last time that Lewis was the target of an attempted armed robbery, he fired numerous shots at point blank range but somehow missed the dirtbag who was trying to rob him but at least he was uninjured at that time. As you can see, he improved his aim over the last four years and was on target 6 times during this attempted robbery. I am guessing he visited the range some after the 2010 incident. I have to hand it to him, he did the right thing to protect his life and his valuables; somehow I don't think calling 911 would have been of help right when he needed it.

All the best,
Glenn B