Thursday, March 8, 2018

So When Can We Expect Retraction Number 2...

...from the NY Times relative to its February article that miscalculated the taxes of a hypothetical couple under President Trumps new tax reform. According to the Times, the couple would pay more taxes under the trump plan than they would have paid under the old tax rules. The thing was, the Times was outright wrong and they retracted that claim by 'correcting' it to say the couple would have received a $43 tax refund instead of having to pay an increase of $3,896 in taxes.

Well that was 'the thing was'. The thing is: now it has been reported that they were reportedly wrong about that $43 tax refund too in as much as they did not have the hypothetical couple claim other tax credits for an additional savings of $1,500. That additional savings should have been calculated into their tax returns as per "Chicago tax law professor Daniel Hemel, who said Times editors still don’t understand Trump’s tax cuts.". (More at the source.)

I would imagine the Times will eat more crow and tat they will correct their latest reported blunder with what amounts to retraction #2.

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Glenn B

President Trump - No Other Like Him Since At least The 1950's

The President of the United States of America, the very same one many on the left call "#Not My President" is truly one of the most amazingly competent presidents within my lifetime. Proof of that is not only found within his accomplishments to date - which are many such as the improved economy, tax reform, reduction of unnecessary government regulations - but also can be witnessed in his planned meeting with Kin Jong Un, the communist tyrant in North Korea, to discuss ending the decades ongoing confrontation and nuclear escalation with North Korea. President Trump is awesome and I say that as an independent with zero party affiliation! Yes, the meeting may yet fall through and never take place, what with that nut job running North Korea, but tell me which other U.S. president since the 1950s has handled the situation the way President Trump is doing it now? Allow me to answer my own question - not one although another was extremely close.
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Glenn B



Blog Comments

It's been ages since I have received an email notification from Blogger telling me that there were comments awaiting moderation on my blog. Thus, I have to remember to log into Blogger every now and then, click on comments awaiting moderation and check to see if there are any comments. I would much rather receive mail notifications each time someone comments.

I have tried several times to fix all that but to no avail. Today, I once again went to my blocked senders list in Outlook (my email provider) and this time I looked through each and every one of the blocked senders (which are legion cause there are lots of arsehats out there who send unwanted emails). I did not see anything that even resembled an email address from blogger but did find one or three with Google in there and I eliminated them, along with some others, from the blocked sender list. I don't know which one I eliminated that did the trick but getting rid of at least one of them from the blocked senders list may have worked.

I just added three test comments to a couple of posts and got email alerts saying there were new comments. Now, mind you, it did not say there were comments requiring moderation, I guess because I had entered the comments and I guess Google/Blogger dos not require verification when it is the owner of the blog doing the commenting. The thing is though, I made a comment to one of my blog posts a day or three ago and did not receive such notification then. Since I got these now, I am hopeful it will work when anyone leaves comments and that I will be notified accordingly.

Someone leave a comment please, I need at least one, from someone other than me, to see if it works.

Glenn B