Thursday, September 3, 2015

Kilted To Kick Cancer - Day 3 Photo - And Some Good News

Allow me to whine: it's been a long hot and humid day that included cleaning and fixing my grill for the coming weekend (I jury rigged it with picture hanging wire because one of the welds holding a burner in place broke), getting a kilted post published, sending out a mass email on my KTKC efforts, doing some gardening and lawn work, getting some other crap done around the house and going to Costco to do shopping for this coming weekend's family BBQ bash. After getting home, unloading the car and putting everything away, I had to water the front garden because the flowers were not only drooping but looked positively parched. Now though, I am winding up my day enjoying a couple of excellent Schneider Weisse Biers (a German Hefe Weizen Bier or wheat beer with yeast) out of my prize weisse bier glass that I bought in Plattling, Germany many years ago.

I was hoping to get a good selfie of my kilted self in Costco but got there kind of late and had to really hustle to get my shopping done. but yes I was wearing my kilt. Three hundred bucks later and I am not sure I got everything but figure I got almost all I needed for the BBQ. Anyway, here is my KTKC Day 3 photo, me in the backyard enjoying one of those biers.

KTKC 2015, Day 3 photo. Bear in mind,
I never said these pics would be pretty!
Before I close, I have to mention the good news. Team Glenn B jumped into third place sometime this evening in the fundraiser. With about $240 in donations (and maybe some more from a donation that may not have been properly attributed to the team) we are far ahead of yesterday. Yet, we are also still far behind the first place team that has over 1K in donations. Knowing those of you who read my blog and to whom I sent an email plea for donations, I figure it won't be long before we zoom into first place. Remember this is for a good cause - to kick prostate cancer's arse, so to speak.
To donate, go here, and please remember to pick Team Glenn B as the team through which you are making your donation. Then send me an email of your donation acknowledgement or receipt so I can assure to get you in the running for some raffle prizes once the fundraiser is over on September 30th. Detailed info here.
Oh yeah, I almost hate to have to mention this but there is more good news. Someone was generous enough to make a single $100 donation today. Yes, that means I have to dunk my kilted junk into ice water and post a video of me doing so. I will try to get that dome tomorrow but really am not looking forward to it at all.
All the best,
Glenn B


Kilted to Kick Cancer - As If Shopping Was Not A Big Enough Pain In The...

...ass on a weeknight, I am about to head that way in my kilt. I wish I could figure why I am doing this Kilted To Kick Cancer kilt wearing thing but then I know why and it is for a good cause.

Please make a donation and please do so through Team Glenn B at:

If you need more info before donating, please look here:

All the best,
Glenn B

This One Hits Home For Me

All the best,

Thug Does Cops A Favor And Shoots Himself...

...instead of shooting them! Police approached a man at an Oakland BART (train) station to tell him to put out a cigarette he was smoking. During the encounter the guy attempts to draw a handgun from his waistband. Bang goes the gun and the guy shot himself. Police shot him with a TASER and subdued him a split second after the shot. Turned out the guy was wanted on a felony warrant. Reportedly a third party video showed it all. More here.

Quick note on TASERs: Mind you that TASER is the proper way to write that as it is an acronym and that is the way the company writes it. See this as to why that is the name of said device.

All the best,
Glenn B