Friday, October 15, 2010

The View - Do People In This Country Really Take Them Seriously

Tell me because I truly am aghast at the thought - do folks in our country truly take seriously Whoopi Goldberg (I think just that name is ridiculous let alone her view) Wa-Wa Barbara Walters, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sherri Shepherd? Do Americans also lend any credence at all to Joy Behar? It is sad to think, even for a moment, that they do. All this fuss over them and the Fox News lefty/righty switching Leprechaun having it out on that show just totally mystifies me. Why make a fuss about anything they talked about or did on that show? It is plain foolish entertainment at its very best, entertainment geared toward an audience of fools - don't you think? They almost make, in my opinion, that jerk terrible talk show host Jerry Springer look like presidential material for 2012.

I have watched The View a number of times while in a doctor's office or while waiting for my car at Jiffy Lube because it was on the tube and I could not change it. I also watched some of Springer's show back when it was on, usually under like conditions. Of course, I sometimes also watch Bill O'Reilly - mostly because I want to watch the news. I am no fan of any of theirs' but have to say that compared to Goldberg, Hasselbeck, Shepherd and Behar, O'Reilly looks like a brain surgeon standing next to 4 of his patients on whom the surgeries were dismal failures. The fifth one, BW, she compares favorably to O'Reilly for smarts, she could have assisted him during those failed surgeries, but both are, in my opinion, out and out charlatans (aka: quacks).

So tell me - do a great number of American actually give them any serious consideration as pundits? If the answer really is yes - well it is no wonder why we are doomed to social, economic, political and probably military failure. We have, or at least some of you have, what I believe are blithering idiots as our mentors. It explains a lot about how an unheard of community organizer was thought to have been experienced enough to have become president. Lots of people must have believed and clung to every word these TV personalities told them. A damn shame is what it is, and a real injustice to all of us. Give me someone like Walter Cronkite any day for news commentary over any of them and someone like Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, or George H.W. Bush for leadership and someone like Theodore Roosevelt and Condoleeza Rice for mentorship.

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Glenn B

Early To Bed And Early To Rise...

...makes me feel like blah. Here I am getting up at 0350 to go to work early today! This sucks but hopefully it means my workday will end early too.

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