Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ballseye's Gun Shots 108 - A Firerarms' Expert On The News

Not all too long ago, just a few days really, I posted and criticized here about the media's use of expert consultants on almost everything that they report with one big exception - that being news reports on firearms. Well, thanks to the blog over at Armed & Safe, I was treated to a video of the media making an attempt to seemingly utilize the expertise of someone who would at least appear to be a firearms' expert. Now, mind you, he sure sounds as if he might have the credentials to be an expert or at least a limited expert, on some things to do with firearms - he was a government agent for about 25 years, he worked for an agency that dealt a lot with firearms that agency being the BATFE, he carried a weapon for his job, he said magazine instead of clip, after leaving BATFE he supposedly became a N.Y. City Sheriff, and he reportedly investigated a school shooting. Sounds pretty 'expert like' BUT then he opens his mouth and what he spews forth simply makes me think him just another anti-gun media shill. If you have not heard this spiel before, listen to the edited version here (mind you even though edited from its full length you will hear how poor a choice of firearms' expert he was, in my opinion, if you pay attention to him). It simply amazes me the media would use a guy like this who may have kept his issued sidearm in his desk drawer for most of his career from what he seems to know about it based on what he said in this video:

Did you catch it - his blunder? I am not going to be as nice as were the folks over at Armed & Safe and tell you where it was that he screwed up; so if you did not catch it - watch and listen again. Really, even though it is a mistake even most non-firearms people would never make, he makes it. While it should not have been an easy mistake to make, it is easy to miss because he apparently missed it himself and in his so called expertise he seemingly never realized how ridiculously foolish a thing he said thus never correcting himself. Of course, neither did the reporter but that is why they got an expert right - so as not to make stupid mistakes - wasn't that the reason or was it just to ram anti-gun sentiment down our throats.

So tell me, is this guy a real firearms' expert or what? My vote goes for or what! Whew, there I was, just for moment, thinking the media had made a liar out of me and used a real firearms' expert as a consultant! Of course, all of that is just my personal opinion.

All the best,
Glenn B