Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Doing Some Gun Cleaning...

 ...for regular maintenance and in anticipation of selling some of them off. I hate it when I buy a gun and it's filthy. I figure the least I can do is a good field cleaning of them before I sell them. Actually I am going beyond that a bit, taking down the wood and steel ones and making sure to clean & treat the wood as well as the steel but am not taking apart trigger groups or bolts to clean them more thoroughly than a filed cleaning of them. It always amazes me, that a gun I know I cleaned not all that long ago, maybe a few months as most, winds up with fouling coming out of the barrel when I clean it again but it's just a fact of life, it hides and then seeps out of everywhere just like Cosmoline.

Anyway, while cleaning a few today, I also realized I am low on some cleaning supplies so I placed an order for several things. I'd rather not run short and sooner or later all the leftist rube newbies who bought guns, over the course of the last year's long or so buying frenzy (to date), are going to realize they need this stuff too. When they do, I imagine it will run low just like everything else firearms related and the prices will rise. Besides that, there is that tax on guns, ammo and maybe on firearms related equipment & supplies that Schumer is chomping at the bit to have legislated and enacted and you can bet it is coming sooner or later this administration!

Now is the time to, as they say in the stock market: BUY BUY BUY!

All the best,
Glenn B