Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Just When I Think A Break Is In My Sights...

...I get reminded that after this week, I am also working on Monday of next week. Damn, that is just over 5 weeks of work - what is a retired guy to do! I am not complaining, really I am not because I certainly can use the cash; it's just I've had to keep changing my plans to go scouting for spots to hunt deer & bear this year. As it stands now, if I go during New York's early bear season up in the Catskill Mountains (open from September 9 - 24th) I will be going blind so to speak; I meant to get in quite a bit of scouting last month and this one too but was too tied up with work and could not get away.

Oh well, hopefully I can get some hunting in next week.  I would go on opening day this weekend but figure a longer trip than a day or to is in order so will wait until free from work. So, it sound likes Tuesday or Wednesday of next week may be my bear blast-off day. Not complaining just anxious to go!

What I will complain bout though is that the rifle I bought to use for hunting this year is damaged and in need of warranty repair. I am currently waiting for Marlin to give me an answer about what they will do to fix my Marlin 1895GBL.

All the best,