Monday, January 15, 2007

"We will kill all Thai Buddhists"...

... was the content of a note found after two people, both apparently Buddhists, were killed in Thailand, according to the article: Three killed in southern Thailand @ As per the article, a third person was also killed, apparently in a separate, but yet related, incident; at least related in my eyes. The things, I think, that relate the killings are that:

1) It is suspected they were committed by Islamic Militants (in other words Muslim Terrorists).

2) The killings all took place in Thailand.

3) The killings follow a predictable course of events following the spread of Islam.

The predictable course of events of which I wrote above is that: Wherever Islam has spread or attempted to plant itself, violence has erupted; and the violence is virtually always that caused by Islamists who are seeking to spread Islam. In that course of events, if one examines it, one will find that the violence is primarily directed at those who are not Islamic. Muslims around the world simply do not tolerate other faiths or those who practice faiths other than Islam. Islam has sought to spread itself around the globe at the cost of the lives of those who do not believe in its tenets. This has been seen time and time again since shortly after the inception of said so called religion.

Examples of what I just said can be found throughout the history of Islam. Islam has conquered many nations and faiths through use of force and is trying the same in many more today: Spain was conquered by force. Kafiristan, or land of the infidels, now Nuristan was taken over by force. Afghanistan was held captive by a certain brand of Islam through use of terror and force. Much violence was needed to acquire Pakistan. Violence started by Islamists has taken place recently in the following, which is certainly not an all inclusive list: Israel, Palestine, India, Nigeria, England, Thailand, Malaysia, Iraq, France, Turkey, Denmark, England, The United States of America, Bali, Australia, Somalia, Ethiopia, Russia, and on and on. Even China recently raided an Islamic terrorist training camp within its borders. Islamic violence has taken place, within the last year, on every continent with the exception of Antarctica and the possible exception of South America (and maybe has taken place in SA unknown to me).

In other words, wherever Islam takes root, it commences violence. This violence is usually of an abhorrent nature to those of us who are not Muslim. Beheadings, torturing before killing, targeting and killing of innocent children and other innocents, killing of the religious, and so forth are all par for the course once Islam has arrived in a country. Furthermore in the aftermath of Islam arriving in a nation, sectarian violence then breaks out once Islam is established, in order to determine which sect or branch of Islam will be in control. Apparently, unless a country is governed by an iron fist, there is no peace in an Islamic nation; and therefore peace is only maintained through threat of violence.

Are you getting the picture about Islam? If you doubt at all, who is our enemy, just look at an unbiased history of Islam and how it has effected its own spread around the world. If you doubt for a moment that Islam wishes to conquer the world, then go back and read that history again. Despite anything that any Muslim tells you to the contrary, the history of Islam is one of violent conquest of other faiths and of nations. I believe that Islam needs to be dealt with accordingly. Either a reformation, a Renaissance of sorts, or through warfare to defeat it. Make no mistake about it, change to Islam is needed, needed quickly, and in immense proportions, before we all fall victim to it.

All the best,
Glenn B